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Hello Interpreters!

Are you ready for your very own forum to discuss whatever you want with other remote interpreters?


Boostlingo is launching a forum for interpreters to do just that and we are very excited to get started with our first welcome thread!

Stay tuned for the link to access this forum, but for now, to give you an idea of what we will discuss first.

Remember, this is your space so please make it your own, but be nice to one another 😉

Think of this as your own interpretation community to share with and learn from.

Introduce yourself, discuss your experiences in interpretation, the technology you use, and more!

We’ll have a variety of topics to discuss, but for now, let us know who you are, a bit about what you do and where you’re from! Also, what is your favorite 90s movie?

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  1. fk
    fk says:

    New to Boostlingo, can someone explain how this platform works? for instance can an interpreter contract with more than one company on boostlingo at a time? if not, can an interpreter transfer from one company to another? are minutes calculated automatically or does it depend on the company? are most contract the type that can be terminated by any party at any time just like most contracts? thank you in advance.

  2. Corally Power
    Corally Power says:

    I have the same question. I work as an onsite (in person) interpreter for one company. It looks like I will work for a second company soon and they also use Boostlingo. Can I see assignments from both in the same platform? Thanks.


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