Why more people are looking for a video remote interpreting platform

More people than every are looking for a video remote interpreting platform

Video remote interpreting services are leading the foreign language service industry in growth rate. What is VRI and why the attention?

For the past decade, the massive expansion of the internet has enabled people all over the world to interact on a level that could never be imagined. What seems crazy to communicate with someone via FaceTime within seconds, only continues to get crazier as time goes on and new gadgets and programs are developed. The rise of communication only continues to grow and benefits not only those who miss their loved ones across seas, but also those with language barriers. 

video remote interpreting platform Those who are Limited English Proficient (LEP) praise the massive expansion of the internet and new communication services. One in particular, is video remote interpreting services. This seems to have been the answer to all problems. These services give easy and accessible ways for organizations to overcome language barriers.

What do these services do? What do they mean for the future? Continue reading to find out. 

What Are Video Remote Interpreting Services?

Video remote interpreting services, or VRI, is a direct video conference with a certified language interpreter and those who need interpretation services. This service is typically able to be accommodated right on the spot. With the video stream, an interpreter can speak to both parties. This lets them understand anything that needs to be cleared up. The video aspect of it really enables the interpreter to feel comfortable. It makes it more personal, and it helps them understand the information a bit easier. This can include sign language for the hearing impaired and physical gestures to the surrounding area that might broadcast intent where language cannot.

The 5 Reasons demand for video remote interpreting platforms is surging

As we mentioned, the development of new communication tools are ever-changing. Which means high demand for new and improved services. Interpretation tools are now expected in places whenever they are needed because access to them has become so easy. 

Globalization has been an ever-increasing factor in how we all interact with each other. With more countries doing business together, there are more and more languages meeting each other every day. This rate of globalization doesn’t show any sign of slowing. The internet has given us ease of communication and information exchange never before seen. 


What this means is that Video remote interpreting services are one of the many services that have had drastic increases in its demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected an 18% increase in the need for interpreters by 2026.

VRI Can Cut Costs

By implementing VRI instead of in-person interpretation, businesses can cut costs tremendously. Interpretation is at its best when the interpreter can see and interact with everyone involved in the conversation. For decades, the usual way to ensure this was to have an interpreter on hand as needed. This method became expensive and time consuming. With VRI you can have an interpreter at any moment in any day. VRI cuts out commuting costs. The instant connection to a VRI service can mean you can pay only for the time you need.

Visual Support Bridges Customer Gaps

To provide a faster service, many interpreter businesses have offered over the phone interpreting, also known as OPI.The speed of this service was successful, however, it wasn’t personal and the visual element wasn’t there. What if someone needed sign language interpreting? OPI is immediately opted out of the equation. With the advent of visual remote interpreting services, there is a service that brings the speed of OPI while keeping that much needed visual element. With video involved, the interpreter can understand the variety of non-verbal communication and share it.

Important Healthcare Demands

The demand for VRI in healthcare settings is extremely high. The type of information exchanged in any healthcare situation can be a matter of life and death, and often it can be a very time sensitive issue. Language barriers can make this exchange hectic and near impossible.

A misinterpretation of a patient can lead to misdiagnosis and improper treatment.

In the United States and many other places, healthcare providers must read the patient their rights.

Interpreters are the best tool for fixing all of these problems. VRI services add speed and accessibility to the solution, without sacrificing the important face to face interaction.

VRI’s digital streaming offers a unique use during intense medical procedures as well. The digital interface means no interpreter will be in the way of surgeons and other personnel.

Fast and Accurate Response for Emergencies

If there’s anything that is fast and quickly accessible for interpreting, it’s VRI. Video remote interpreting services are often set up as a 24-hour service that services a large region of people. 

Due to the digital nature of the service, it can connect to any location that has the appropriate tech and an internet connection at anytime…and quickly! This makes them ideal for intense emergency situations. This could range from dealing with an irritated customer to getting an exact explanation of a dire medical situation immediately. In these situations, you want speed, but also accuracy. The video portion of VRI services allows the interpreter to gauge and understand minute details such as facial expressions and sign language.

Global Business Needs

While healthcare has a high demand for interpreter services, it’s also not the only industry that has a drastic need for easier and more accessible interpreter services. Many judicial courts are experiencing a high demand for an LEP cases they may come across in the courtroom. Areas along active borders can experience a heavy influx of both immigrants and tourists. This forces local businesses and government services to cater to the increase in non-native speakers. These are only a few examples of the increased demand for interpreter services.


We Can Help! 

Video remote interpreting services are a key factor in making globalization more noticeable. By letting people connect despite language barriers can be a powerful tool to better integrate world cultures. At Boostlingo, we offer VRI services to everyone. We work with businesses from healthcare to small businesses helping them better communicate with those who are LEP. 

If you would like more information regarding VRI and other interpreting services, please visit our website: https://boostlingo.com