Is the Most Recent Public Charge Rule Affecting Language Access?

As many know, the most recent public charge rule that was issued by the Trump Administration effects legal admissions to the United States, and use of public benefits by millions of legal noncitizens and U.S. citizens who live with them. 


Trump Administration Releases New Public Charge Rule


This new rule, is scaring many across the country. Basically, the new rule enables the government to deny admission to those who are trying to enter the country based on family relationships. This can also result in deporting legally present noncitizens using public benefits.

Immigrant families across the United States are concerned, and have every right to be. In fact, one in seven adults (13.7 percent) in immigrant households said that either they or their family members had chosen not to participate in a non-cash benefit program in 2018 “out of fear of risking future green card status.”

Although the Trump Administration has assured that its rule change would not affect non-U.S. citizens who are already permanent residents in the U.S., people are still extremely concerned. 


So What Does this Mean for Our World’s Languages? 


Unfortunately, half of the world’s estimated 6,700 languages risk extinction and a significant proportion of the estimated 370 million indigenous people in the world today “still lack basic rights”. 

The new rule has gone beyond avoiding participation in public programs, but many immigrant families may be changing how they go about their daily lives. Reports have shown immigrant families increasingly avoiding routine activities, such as interacting with teachers or school officials, health care providers, and the police, which poses risks for their well-being and the communities in which they live. It is important to overcome these hurdles and to come up with solutions. There is already enough widespread hardship among immigrant communities as a whole.


How Boostlingo Can Help


It is highly recommended for your business to have language solutions conveniently available. Whether it’s considering putting a bilingual program in place, or offering interpreters for those LEP patients or customers, we encourage you to find a solution. 

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