As Telehealth Needs Surge, Video Remote Interpreting Services Are Here to Help

The surge in telehealth needs driving video remote interpreting services demand

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on global society, hospital supplies are running short, beds are full, and doctors and nurses are working 72-hour shifts to fill the need for their onslaught of patients. The scrambling to serve all of those inflicted by the consequences of the virus has been and will continue to be part of everyday life for the foreseeable future. Life for many has transitioned into virtual reality for the time-being, while hospitals and healthcare organizations more than anything are feeling the heat of this global crisis.

Why staff are considering video remote interpreting services

Hospitals are inevitably avoiding bringing in non-medical staff whenever possible, which means Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients will need interpretation services outside the hospital. 97% of physicians reported treating LEP patients, so the demand for language support will continue. Often onsite or in-person interpreting will need to take a backseat to remote interpreting to help diminish the spread of the virus in general.

What can we do to ensure patients are getting the best care possible? We are prepared with a robust network of interpreters managed by trusted Language Service Agency partners. Video Remote Interpreting provides a unique alternative to in-person interpreting in times like these especially. The visual communication factor provides a level of human touch that a simple phone line cannot.

Additionally, those healthcare institutions who are hiring interpreters, need to make sure these professionals are highly trained and ready to work at any time. Knowing what to be ready for is difficult in these circumstances, and the level of preparedness appears to vary from state to state, city to city, hospital to hospital, and from individual to individual. So, in these cases Boostlingo is looking at every circumstance carefully.

What we have to offer at Boostlingo

As we watch the world try to figure out what to do, we must ready ourselves in the interpretation industry to offer swift and efficient services to those in need. Luckily, we happen to have a vast network of medically-prepared and trained interpreters in more than 300+ languages. The Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network is ready to help!

Boostlingo, as widely adopted Interpreting Technology Platform in the Language Industry and Video Communication Market today, is fully equipped for this pandemic. The Boostlingo platform was developed to help Language Service Organizations of any size, scale their interpretation business quickly and efficiently. At this time, Language Service Organizations are experiencing a high demand for their healthcare interpreters.

By working together and using technology, interpreters will play a key role in slowing the spread of the virus. A rapid, global medical response could greatly mitigate the economic and social costs of global pandemics, as well as reducing loss of life. This result, however, would only be possible if everyone is on board and doing their jobs efficiently.