Corporate Interpreting: How Secure Is Your Platform?

COVID-19 hasn’t stopped international business meetings, but it has pushed them into cyberspace. Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Skype are booming in popularity. Yet they’re not the best choice when it comes to corporate interpreting.


From privacy issues to limited access to data, these platforms weren’t built with the needs of global companies in mind. Fortunately, a secure platform that offers more flexibility does exist. But first, let’s dive into the major risks of using the wrong one.


Mind the Security Gap


A warning phrase in the London subway, mind the gap is worth heading. That’s especially true when you’re discussing proprietary information or business negotiations with the help of a corporate interpreter. You’ve now revealed your secrets to hackers in two languages!


Not only that, platforms like Zoom and Skype may be listening in or selling your data themselves. Sure, these companies have publicly addressed these issues, but do you want to take that chance?


Meeting International Privacy Standards


When it comes to privacy and security, different countries have different standards. Members of the European Union, for example, protect privacy and personal data using the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—both inside and outside the EU. Organizations that don’t comply may face serious penalties.


The GDRP has also become a model for countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Japan, and Kenya. Even the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has several similarities.


So, what does this mean for international business meetings and corporate interpreting? You need a platform that puts privacy and security at the forefront of the user experience.


BoostLink to the Rescue


In May 2020, Boostlingo launched BoostLink™, a new video conferencing feature to meet your remote interpreting needs. BoostLink™ lets multiple participants in different locations communicate using a highly qualified corporate interpreter.


The platform’s features include:


  • The ability to access a remote interpreter on-demand or schedule one for an upcoming meeting.
  • Brand-able waiting rooms. Invited users can wait until you’re ready to start or bring them into the chat.
  • Full room control. You can mute or remove users at any time.
  • Privacy filters. The knock to join filter let’s you know when someone has logged in.
  • Fully configurable. You decide who has which permissions for a call.
  • EU GDRP Compliance. You never have to worry about a damaging data or privacy breach.
  • Fully reportable –call details are immediately exportable and reportable for registered users.
  • Mobile support for iOS and Android. Users can join the meeting on their phones, making it easy to use no matter where they are.


As you can see, BoostLink™ provides more security and privacy features than non-interpreting centric platforms. Plus, you get access to all the backend data support that Boostlingo is known for.


Ready to make the switch? Contact Boostlingo today!