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Learn how to find and work with qualified interpreters to make your multilingual meeting, conference, or event come to life

Imagine a world where every participant at your event could understand and participate, no matter what language they speak. No language barriers preventing participants from interacting with one another and sharing ideas. Meaning, your event includes more people and better communication, and has a bigger impact.

That sounds great, right? Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) allows you to do this!

With RSI, you can tune in with an interpreter speaking your language and understand everything that is being said. It’s like having a personal voice translator in your pocket, making multilingual events more inclusive for everyone.

Another benefit of RSI is cost-effectiveness. In the past, organizations had to fly in interpreters and pay for their lodging, transportation, and meals. With RSI, interpreters can work remotely, saving you money on those expenses.

However, procuring interpreters for RSI and multilingual events can still be a challenging task. Assembling the right team of interpreters to handle your event is essential and organizations need to find interpreters with the right language skills and experience.

So, how do you procure interpreters for a multilingual event?

One way is to contact a language service provider (LSP) that specializes in providing interpreters for events. LSP’s often have a large pool of qualified interpreters who can speak a wide range of languages and can match the right interpreters to the specific needs of your event. Another way is to reach out to professional interpreting organizations or associations. They also can provide a list of professional interpreters who can help you. Last but not least, you can contract the interpreters yourself, but then that brings along significant considerations and risks on the terms and conditions for their services.

What if you aren’t working with a LSP?

At BoostEvents, we understand the challenge that organizations face when it comes to finding interpreters and implementing RSI for their multilingual events. That’s why we strive to provide a user-friendly and affordable solution to make the process of running a multilingual event as smooth as possible.

When you work with us, our team will take care of finding interpreters and setting up the RSI solution for you. We have a network of language service providers and freelance interpreters that we can work with to match your events’ specific needs. And we’ll configure and set up the BoostEvents platform for your event, whether it’s an on-site, hybrid, or fully online.

Here are 4 tips that we recommend when working with interpreters:

  1. Start planning early. It’s important to start planning for interpreters well in advance of your event to ensure that you have enough time to find the right interpreters and to make any necessary arrangements.
  2. Determine your needs. Before you start looking for interpreters, it’s important to determine your specific needs. This includes the languages that you need interpreters for, the type of interpreting that will be required (e.g. simultaneous or consecutive), and the specific context of your event (e.g. medical, legal, technical). It is also valuable to have an agenda prepared for your event, even if it’s in a draft stage.
  3. Picture your event. Where will your speaker(s) and audience be? And, where will your interpreters be? Is it on-site, hybrid, or fully remote? Answering these questions will help you determine the setup for your event.
  4. Prep your speakers. Give your speakers information on how to speak at an event with interpreters. This includes not speaking too quickly and avoiding the use of hard-to-interpret slang. If speakers are addressing technical or highly complex topics, you can prep your interpreters with a term sheet in advance.

Please note that some of these tips might not be relevant to your specific event and some tips might be added depending on the nature of the event.

Here are 4 ways that BoostEvents will support your event:

  1. Interview the interpreters and review their references. To ensure that you’re matched with the right interpreter, we interview and review their references to ensure that they are a good fit for your event. We’ll send you briefs if you want to make the final pick.
  2. Confirm availability. Once we’ve put together an interpreting team that you’re interested in working with, we’ll make sure to confirm their availability for your event date and time. 
  3. Communicate clearly with the interpreter(s). Before and during the event, we make sure to communicate clearly with the interpreter about the schedule, the subject matter, and any special requirements. We’ll send them all relevant documents, such as slide decks, speeches, agendas and opening remarks, beforehand. This will help to ensure that the interpreting is accurate and effective.
  4. Live support. If you need technical or AV support during the event, our team can help ensure that everything runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Now you’re ready to host a multilingual event with Remote simultaneous interpretation

With these tips, you are ready to work with an interpreting team for RSI and ensure all your audiences have a fully inclusive experience.

If you’re interested in working with us to set up RSI for your event, please get in touch with our team for a live demo of BoostEvents.