Boostlingo Release 6.0 out now! 

Missed our webinar? You can watch the recording here.

At Boostlingo, we strive to put our platform at the front of the industry. We have the goal of providing the best possible product to our customers. Today, we further our goal by announcing our newest version release!

This release is now live and you can enjoy all the features we discuss below!

  • Screen Sharing
    Enhance your collaboration with seamless screen-sharing capabilities built into every video conference. You can share presentations, visuals, or documents effortlessly with your interpreter. Experience Real-time teamwork for efficient communication in any language.
  • Virtual Backgrounds
    Elevate your video meetings with customizable, professional backdrops. Express your style, maintain privacy, and create engaging experiences. Choose from the selection of pre-created backgrounds or upload your own as an admin. You can even set default backgrounds for interpreters in your pool and use a company-branded version!
  • Video Composition changes (Standard vs. Gallery View)
    Prefer your video conferences in a grid? You can now select from standard or gallery view to see all meeting attendees at once. Pop them out into separate windows or stack them side by side to get the best conference experience.
  • Online/Offline Details
    Do your interpreters work in shifts? Monitor interpreter activity with detailed logs tracking online/offline status and device usage. Optimize platform efficiency and improve team management. Need to find who answered a call from two days ago? Well, now you can.
  • Appointment Calendar UI Improvements
    We’ve improved the accuracy of our calendar by allowing 15-minute appointment slots. The calendar will default to your current time and even highlight business hours in navigation. This means less time spent looking for information now available with one click!
  • Cloning Appointment Attendees
    Streamline scheduling by duplicating appointments with attendees. Save time, reduce errors, and enhance organization. Effortlessly manage multiple events and invite your best team every time.
  • Editing Interpreter Profiles
    Empower admins to modify interpreter profiles for accuracy and efficiency. You can ensure all member profiles reflect the most up-to-date information you have. (We’re VERY excited about this one!)
  • Intake Forms for Direct Dial
    Capture vital pre-call information with customizable intake forms.
  • BPIN Exclusions at the LSC level
    Gives the ability to exclude interpreters at the LSC level to ensure quality services across your many accounts.

These are only some of the updates in this release. As usual, users will also enjoy minor improvements/bug fixes with this release.

Thank you for your continued loyalty to Boost. We take pride in bettering and improving our product with every opportunity we can. Our team worked tirelessly on this release and hope you are enjoying the new features! 

Want to hear even more about this release? Check out our webinar recording down below!