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Streamlining Language Services at Healthcare Systems with BoostIMS:
How to Better Utilize On-Staff Interpreters

As a language technology advocate in the healthcare sector, I’m thrilled to be talking about the BoostIMS platform, a game-changing solution that streamlines language services for hospitals. This article explores how healthcare systems can leverage BoostIMS to maximize the efficiency of their on-staff interpreters.

Tackling the Intricacies of On-Staff Interpreting

With increasing cultural diversity and nearly 68 million people in the US speaking a non-English language at home in 2019, healthcare systems face the challenge of providing language access to all patients. Here at Boostlingo, we know that effective communication is crucial when it comes to health outcomes and equitable care. 

Employing on-staff interpreters is an excellent strategy for addressing language barriers, but managing and utilizing staff interpreters can be complex and inefficient because of:

  • Scheduling and location difficulties
  • Language diversity
  • Inefficient communication
  • Fluctuating demand

Coordinating schedules and locations for interpreters at healthcare providers is a challenge, especially with last-minute changes or emergencies, leading to interpreter shortages and delays in patient care. Hospitals struggle to maintain enough interpreters for the wide variety of languages needed, sometimes resorting to less-qualified interpreters or less-effective methods. 

The absence of a centralized language services system causes further issues, resulting in miscommunications and administrative bottlenecks. Additionally, the unpredictable demand for interpretation makes resource allocation difficult, as hospitals must balance fluctuating patient needs with the availability of full-time interpreters.

How Can BoostIMS Help In Your Healthcare System?

BoostIMS enables you to better utilize on-staff interpreters through embedded on-demand interpreting software. With on-demand, your interpreters can:

  • Deliver interpretation from anywhere with OPI and VRI
  • Fill in for last minute changes or requests
  • Travel less. Meaning more availability
  • Manage appointments through a single app

Overall, on-demand makes your staff interpreters more flexible and efficient. And your team certainly has more options when allocating language resources. Your administrators can:

  • Oversee requests and resources from an easy to view task list
  • Give in-house interpreters first pass at OPI and VRI requests
  • Fill in gaps with BPIN interpreters
  • Track all resource usage from a single source

The bottom line is that your team has more visibility into language resources and a simpler way to manage the delivery of interpretation. With BoostIMS, you are also backed by a failsafe network of medically qualified interpreters to fill the gap of availability or provide interpreters for the rare need of languages not covered by internal resources.

That being said, hospitals can help reduce the cost and need for On Demand minutes by leveraging the BoostIMS technology to route encounters to their staff interpreters during downtime.

Embracing BoostIMS: A Better Solution for On-Staff Interpreters

As hospitals continue to address language access, BoostIMS offers a solution to efficiently manage and utilize on-staff interpreters. With on-demand interpretation software, BoostIMS not only brings the management of interpreters into one place but also enhances the flexibility and efficiency of on-staff interpreters through remote interpreting. 

The platform gives hospitals the ability to address language needs and unpredictable demand while reducing the challenges associated with interpreter scheduling. It also comes with a network of medically qualified interpreters that serve as a reliable backup for rare language needs and unforeseen surges.

With BoostIMS, healthcare systems can provide high-quality care and an improved patient experience, regardless of language barriers, ultimately promoting health equity and better outcomes in our diverse communities.

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Managing the delivery of interpretation is a difficult task for healthcare systems. Fortunately, BoostIMS makes it easy to leverage staff interpreters with embedded on-demand software.

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