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Hello, I’m Tony Benedetti, Director of Talent Acquisition at Boostlingo. Working at Boost, one thing has always been clear: our success is rooted in the people who make up this remarkable team. Today, it’s a joy for me to share with you the hard work, dynamic culture, and innovative practices recognized nationally by Inc. Magazine in its annual list of Best Workplaces 2023.

To understand why Boostlingo was recognized, I talked with Sandra Torrey, Director of People Operations at Boost. Sandra has been instrumental in shaping our people-focused policies and nurturing our vibrant culture. We’ll learn from her about the initiatives that led us to this achievement, the core of our culture, and why Boostlingo might be the perfect place for your next professional adventure. So, let’s dive in and uncover the magic behind Boostlingo’s award-winning work environment.

Hey there, Sandra! Congratulations on the recent Inc. Magazine Best Workplaces recognition! Can you briefly share with us what Boostlingo does?

Hey Tony, thanks! Absolutely. 

Boostlingo is a global company that’s at the forefront of interpretation technology. We’re committed to reimagining interpretation through the development of innovative technology. But beyond that, Boostlingo is also a vibrant community of diverse talents. 

How would you say your role as a director of People Operations contributes to the company’s overall success? 

Yeah, the way that we look at it is that our customers are employees. 

My job is to support employees throughout their time at Boostlingo. Starting as soon as they’re hired up until the point that they move on to their next adventure, ensuring that they have the support, the tools, and the programs to be successful at Boostlingo.

Boostlingo was recently named to Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces list in 2023. Can you share some of the things you worked on to help us achieve this? 

We’re a fast-growing company, and that creates an excellent opportunity to launch initiatives throughout the year that drive engagement. 

We are really lucky to have the very best team imaginable. So, we want to do our best to not only retain our superstars but also help them achieve their goals both inside and outside of the organization. I break it down into a couple of different buckets.

There’s the work-life balance bucket. These are programs such as flexible hybrid work schedules, flexible PTO, and summer flex time programs. Those are all key in helping to drive that flexibility that we all need to bring our best selves forward to the organization every day. 

The next bucket would be growth. So, this is providing advancement opportunities within the organization but also promoting self-growth by investing in programs that offer professional development, soft skills training, and personal growth.

The other bucket is culture. Culture is the heartbeat of the organization. It’s not a top-down approach, but really something that all of us own at Boostlingo. We have lots of groups and committees that folks can join to drive the culture in the area that they feel most passionate about. For things like Culture Club, and DEIB, we’re invested in creating a culture that celebrates and recognizes our differences.

What work went into overhauling our benefits last year?

Sure, we made a big investment in this area because we really prioritize our people and their loved ones. To do this, we overhauled and updated the health and dental programs. 

We also added vision and life insurance and company-sponsored short and long-term disability programs. On top of that, we also launched initiatives like Summer Fridays, which is about to happen again soon!

That’s exciting! Can you tell me about some of the People Operations-led initiatives?

Sure, last year, we launched the ‘Feed Your Mind’ series, which is a self-development, sort of lunch-and-learn type of session. This year, we’re also doubling down on professional growth opportunities. Basically just looking at what our employees need in their professional and private lives to bring their best selves forward every day. 

I think these things really make an impact. They make for a happier and more productive workforce that is invested in the growth of the company.  

How has Boostlingo captured lightning in the bottle, so to speak, when it comes to a positive and engaging work environment?

Yeah, that’s a really great question. I think that it all comes down to culture, right? We live by our core values: being bold, positive, humble, and inclusive, with a no hide, go seek mentality. That is prevalent everywhere at Boostlingo, from our individual contributors to our C suite. 

We also have amazing people leaders who are invested in the growth of our team members. They take time to coach, recognize, praise, and offer constructive feedback. 

Managers have weekly one-on-one meetings with their team members and hold daily team stand-ups so that everyone can be up to speed. And then we have our core value awards. 

All of these things help to foster that positive, engaging relationship between management and the rest of the team. But also within the team.

Do you have any advice for someone if they want to join Boostlingo?

We love diversity at Boostlingo. Diversity in the traditional sense, of course, but also diversity of thought. I think the reason why it’s so important is that it not only makes us better humans to learn from each other’s experiences, but it also drives innovation and new ideas. 

I think that when we are looking for new folks, we are looking for people that are self-starters and who aren’t afraid to speak up when they think something can be done better. Folks that are passionate, kind, respectful, and positive. 

We’re not a big box company. So when you join Boost, you’ll be doing things and learning skills that might sit outside of your traditional role. You have to be willing to dive in. 

My advice would be, get ready for a wild and fun ride, where you’ll meet and learn from some of the most talented and smartest people in the field. And where you’ll see a direct impact on your work. It’s just really a cool place to be.

Interested in Working for Boostlingo?

To close things out, Boostlingo isn’t just a workplace – it’s a community where individual talents are cherished, innovative minds thrive, and teamwork is a way of life. The Inc. Magazine recognition is a testament to our collective spirit and a milestone in our continuing journey to shape the future of interpretation technology. As we celebrate this recognition, our focus remains steadfast on our team – the heart of Boostlingo.

If you’d like to keep up with our journey and get a feel for what it’s like to be a ‘Boostie,’ check out our LinkedIn for the latest updates, career opportunities, and ‘Life at Boostlingo’ page. You can also check out the official press release with more details on our inclusion in the Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces 2023 list.

We’re more committed than ever to nourishing an environment that enables each ‘Boostie’ to bring their best self to work every day and enjoy the ride along the way. If you’re seeking a career that not only fuels your professional growth but also makes you a part of a supportive and vibrant community, Boostlingo might be the place for you.