Boostlingo Release 6.2 is Out Now! 

With our newest release officially out in the world, we wanted to ensure you got a look at what we’re doing under the hood over here at Boostlingo. This  release will have our usual bug fixes alongside more optimizations to the platform. 

Fully Voice-Controlled IVR Menu

Requestors will now be able to navigate the entire IVR call flow using voice commands as prompted in the menu. The voice option is available for every step in the IVR flow, including PIN entry and intake capture.

We understand some may prefer to continue physically entering commands with their keypad. All users will still have this the keypad option available or any combination of keypad and voice command input they’d like to use.

This enhancement will increase the accessibility of our system to ensure requestors can reach the interpreter they need without needing to enter any digits. Navigating the IVR menu with voice commands will also support new call flows for requestors who need to call an interpreter with a phone system that does not have a visible dial pad.

Additional Improvements

Stability and Performance

  • As always, stability and performance are a priority to ensure the best experience for requestors and interpreters.
  • Minor bugs squashed. 

Release Dates and Times:

Friday, July 27th, 2023

USA and Canada: 9-10PM PST

EU, AU, and UK: 12-1PM PST

If you have any questions regarding this release, please let us know.

Thank you for your continued support.