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Remote interpreting is changing at lightning speed. It accounts for nearly half of all interpreting done today, more than double that just a few years ago. As technology advances and we settle into a post-pandemic normal, it’s important to decode what has changed and what remains the same.

In a recent episode of the “Brand the Interpreter” podcast hosted by Mireya Pérez, a few Boostlingo team members did just that. Joined by co-authors from The Remote Interpreter textbook, they take a deep dive into the world of remote interpreting and the new textbook. The podcast participants are listed below:

*Boostlingo team member

About the Host, Mireya Pérez

Brand the Interpreter Podcast host Mireya Pérez is a trailblazer. She is known for creating relatable and fun content about interpreting. Her Instagram bio reads “Your stories, our profession” and it would be fair to say that she stands out as a voice that represents her profession. Mireya captivates her audience through relatable content on Instagram, often acting out real-life interpreter situations using social media trends. She also runs her podcast “Brand the Interpreter” and maintains a robust online presence across platforms such as her website, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We’re sharing links to her website and Instagram if you’d like to check them out!

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Decoding the World of Remote Interpreting: A Deep Dive into the Remote Interpreter Textbook with the Authors

Here are show notes directly from the podcast page:

Imagine living in a world where technological advancements have revolutionized the profession of interpreting. This tantalizing episode features an enlightening conversation with the authors of a groundbreaking textbook on remote interpreting. We uncover how digital technology has not only modified the profession but also introduced a spectrum of competency levels among interpreters. The authors share their personal stories of collaboration on the textbook, and we take you on a tour through the diverse platforms employed for remote interpreting.

This episode then takes a technological deep dive, exploring the multiple types of technology wielded for various interpreting services. Put on your explorer’s hat as we navigate through the different settings and specializations these technologies cater to. Our discussion illuminates the ever-evolving role of technology in service delivery and guides interpreters on staying relevant amidst these changes. We also demystify the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on technology usage in this field.

Finally, we thread together all the essentials required for successful remote interpreting, underlining the significance of protocols, standards, and ethics in the profession. Brace yourselves for a thorough discourse on the unique challenges that remote interpreting presents. The textbook’s role in establishing these standards and best practices is also brought to light.

Only on the podcast that shares your stories about our profession. Brand the Interpreter!

Listen to the Podcast

If you listen to your podcasts using Spotify, we’ve included an embed of the show at the top of the blog. Otherwise, you can access the show on whichever platform you listen to podcasts here:

Brand the Interpreter Podcast – Decoding the World of Remote Interpreting

Want to learn more about The Remote Interpreter?

We recently hosted a webinar introducing the groundbreaking textbook with Boostlingo’s members of the co-authoring team. The recording of the webinar if available on-demand here:

Webinar: Introducing The Remote Interpreter Textbook