Regulatory Compliance, Privacy and Security

Boostlingo worries about compliance, data security and privacy so that you don’t have to.

The implications for government regulatory non-compliance for language service organizations, healthcare providers, telehealth platforms and effectively any business that is in the business of delivering interpretation services are both substantial and far reaching.
We know that the costs of regulatory non-compliance are not inconsequential and that issues around compliance are a constant and continual concern for your organization.

Boostlingo maintains a focus on all relevant domestic and international regulatory changes and updates keeping a pulse the ongoing challenges emerging from new and pending data privacy legislation.

At Boostlingo we take the threat of regulatory action and any subsequent disruption to your business processes and business continuity very seriously and therefore we constantly strive to tighten controls for handling and processing any information that crosses national boundaries or in the case of data sovereignty requirements where data cannot cross national boundaries.