BoostCare Telehealth leverages the innovative DNA of Boostlingo the worlds # 1 language communication and interpretation platform and injects that code into the next big idea in Telehealth systems.

The aim is to provide unprecedented long-distance healthcare communications solutions that enable the best possible tele-relationship between patients and their healthcare providers for both patient appointment management and remote patient care.

BoostCare Telehealth intuitively connects healthcare practitioners quickly and efficiently to their patients as well as suppliers and other important support services.


Sophisticated Service

Easy Application

Healthcare excellence is the priority for any clinical service provider. And excellence begins with communication.

With BoostCare Telehealth you can offer immediate quality care to your patients through an easy to use web based or mobile ready application that they can trust!

The BoostCare platform delivers a professional-grade video and audio experience that also assures the highest healthcare level of security and privacy required for regulatory compliance confidence.