• VoiceBoxer Provides Superior Event Translation

BoostEvents Provides Superior Event Translation

A Fully Integrated Multilingual Experience With Accurate Event Translation

With remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) and event translation, you can minimize misunderstandings and engage more of your audience during events.

Participants can use BoostEvents to experience remote simultaneous interpretation combined with event translation, ensuring that the message reaches a global audience in all languages.

Our event translation features include auto-translate chat and polling, translatable presentations, and a multilingual interface to ensure that every attendee has a complete event experience.

BoostEvents is an optimal solution for your Multilingual Web Platform requirements. BoostEvents event translation with virtual interpreters enables organizations to reach their target audience in any language, anywhere, at any time, whether for video meetings, virtual conferences, webinars, or onsite events.

Our Interpreter Platform was designed with interpreters in mind to provide the highest quality online interpretation possible. The interface for interpreters is functional, user-friendly, and professional.

BoostEvents interpretation platform can accommodate up to 3000 participants while also providing professional simultaneous interpretation services in over 300 languages for your Webinars, Online Meetings, or Onsite Events.

Making Event Translation Smarter with BoostEvents

Translated Text Messages

Our translated chat message feature allows participants to chat, have Q&A sessions and share notes in the language they prefer. It is perfect for events with many participants engaging in different languages. Encourage global participation: Don’t miss a single comment, regardless of the language in which it is sent.

Multilingual Polling

Our multilingual polling feature lets you obtain rapid feedback from your multilingual audience. Translated polling is an easy and manageable integrated tool with built-in translation and multilingual access so you won’t miss a single vote. BoostEvents unique multilingual polling is a fantastic way to engage larger audiences in real time.

Translatable Presentations

Presentation in Any Language

In addition to listening to the remote simultaneous interpretation, participants can also follow the translated visual presentation synched to their language of choice. Empower your participants with translated presentations to ensure the full experience of event translation to reach a wider audience in all languages.

We can also help you with

Recruitment of Interpreters for Your Specific Events

BoostEvents is designed to allow you to add your professional language services on top of our technology. If you require a particular language pair, we will work with you to locate the appropriate experts.

A Supreme Customer Service Experience

The specialists at BoostEvents provide comprehensive customer service and technical support before, during, and after your event. We support all business- and work-related concerns by making sure that all interpreters, speakers, and other participants are trained and at ease using the BoostEvents platform.

Event Creation and Participant Registration for Larger Events

BoostEvents can be configured to enable guest access for open events or pre-registration for closed events. Please let us know what you require, and we will assist you in setting it up.

Experience Our Voice Translation on App For iOS And Android

Participants at your hybrid events can join using the BoostEvents iOS and Android apps. Users can use the BoostEvents mobile app to listen to live event interpretation and follow translated presentations in any language of their choice.

Our mobile interpretation app reduces the cost and requirement for specialized equipment for audiences, ensuring that the attendee experience is robust whether in person or virtually.

Connect BoostEvents to Any Software

Any on-site hardware or software for virtual meetings can be easily integrated with the BoostEvents platform. Our team will pay attention to your particular needs and use the adaptable BoostEvents Connect system to facilitate a customized configuration that guarantees the success of your hybrid events.

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