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BoostEvents Is The Best Multilingual Video Conferencing Service Available

Professionals can always use our multilingual video conferencing service to hold meetings and one-on-one consultations with their clients, partners, or business connections. BoostEvents can host daily meetings, online conferences, online all-hands meetings, and hybrid events.

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Providing Video Conferencing Services In Over 300 Languages

Do you have a linguistically diverse employee pool, clientele, or target audience?

BoostEvents is the ultimate multilingual video conferencing solution for your web platform requirements. BoostEvent’s event translation with virtual interpreters enables organizations to reach and engage with their entire audience, whether for video meetings, virtual conferences, webinars, or onsite events.

BoostEvents interpretation platform can accommodate up to 3000 participants while also providing professional simultaneous interpretation services in over 300 languages for your Webinars, Online Meetings, or Onsite Events.

Video Conferencing

Choose Your Preferred Layout For Your Meeting With The Click Of A Button

With the click of a button, you can easily switch between different layouts and speaker views on our platform.

When you select the Single-Speaker View, participants can concentrate their attention solely on the active speaker and the presentation materials. This is advantageous for webinars and web presentations. If you select the Multi-Speaker View, you will be able to see the faces of multiple speakers in your meeting, giving it a more face-to-face feel, which is useful for smaller, more private meetings.

Other Video Conferencing Service Features

Screen Sharing

Participants can use the BoostEvents screen-sharing function to view animations, videos, and other media. A speaker can share whatever information from their screen they want during the online meeting with the click of a button.

Translatable Visual Presentation

Participants can follow the visual presentation materials in their preferred language in addition to listening to the remote simultaneous interpretation. This gives your online event participants a fully integrated multilingual experience and reduces misunderstandings during meetings. Provide your clients with translated presentations to ensure that the message is received by a larger audience in all languages.

Breakout Rooms and Work Groups

BoostEvents can assist you in dividing your online meeting into separate breakout rooms or work groups. As your chosen video conferencing service, we will work closely with you to optimize the event’s configuration, panel discussions, or working groups to meet your specific needs.

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