Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network (BPIN) – Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) Supported Languages

Boostlingo is the first and most comprehensive Unified Interpretation Management Platform available on the market today. This list is for RSI service languages; yet we also have a page for OPI and VRI languages if that is needed instead.

Please note, this list is subject to change so please check with Boostlingo’s Language Access Department  about access to languages.

About BPIN:

The Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network (BPIN), allows clients to use Boostlingo’s services to get pre-scheduled interpretation with third-party providers, including independent third-party interpretation service providers under agreement with Boostlingo or certain Boostlingo affiliates (Backstop Partners).

We work with Backstop Partners in the BPIN to ensure that they meet Boostlingo’s minimum quality standards. BPIN Languages for simultaneous interpretation are generally supported as pre-scheduled services, Boostlingo reserves the right to change and update the list of supported languages at any time.

How to Preschedule:

  • You must be a Boostlingo partner to request a prescheduled interpretation session. (Not sure if you are an active partner? Submit an inquiry to Boostlingo.)
  • Complete the Prescheduled Assignment Request Form.Please note that the preschedule requests from 8am-8pm EST on weekdays require 2 business days lead time. Requests for sessions outside of business hours require 1 business week lead time.

Requesting a prescheduled interpretation session does not guarantee that an interpreter will be confirmed.

What to Expect for Prescheduled Sessions:

Prescheduled interpretation sessions must route through the BoostEvents Platform unless otherwise agreed upon by a Boostlingo representative.

Check with your Boostlingo Account Manager in advance if you need to set up Zoom integration for your prescheduled session.

Billing and Cancellation Policies:

All services are in accordance with our Customer Terms of Services
At Boostlingo, we strive to render excellent technology to provide the highest quality interpretation services to you and the rest of our partners. To be consistent with this mission, we have an Appointment Cancellation Policy that allows us to schedule appointments for all clients:

  1. We require that you give our simultaneous interpreters and partners at least 7 days notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your booking. If you giving sufficient notice, this is considered a cancelled appointment and will be charged the entire fee of the interpreter for the agreed upon time.
  2. Our RSI services are rounded up to the next hour If an event goes more than 5 minutes over the duration for which it was booked then additional fees will be applicable according to the service fee rate.