Boostlingo Integrations

Boostlingo helps you take control of the way you manage your Interpreting business!

Boostlingo’s intelligent reporting framework allows our partners to get all of the information they need with just a few clicks.

Zoom Integration

Configure Zoom for your accounts

Zoom configuration policies allow you to create Zoom access for your clients.  Set up configuration once and apply it to all your accounts or customize the configuration for just one.  Our policy engine allows for the cloning of settings to help reduce administration time for all your many accounts.

Allow your client accounts to register their Zoom instance with Boost

Boostlingo supports both Organization and User level authentication.   Are your clients using Zoom Pro or Zoom Business?  Your client’s Zoom administrators can authenticate their account with Boostlingo, and all of your client’s supported users will be automatically enabled.

Boostlingo supports both Zoom authentication types

Boostlingo can support authentication at both the organizational level and at the individual user level. which means if users have their own individual accounts, they can authenticate their Zoom accounts strictly for their own access.

Full back end reporting and export of your Zoom call logs

At the conclusion of the Zoom meeting, Boostlingo will have captured all the exact same important call data that a regular Boostlingo interpreting session would have collected. All of the information you expect to have access to is there.  From call start times, to call durations, interpreter information, and call quality ratings, everything you need is available and ready for you to report/export.