Boostlingo Interpreter Community Survey

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Boostlingo is interested in enhancing interpreter career development and strongly supports and promotes the interpreter community. At Boostlingo we are always trying to stay ahead of the game by providing interpreters with the latest industry trends and guidance to make the most of their careers. These surveys are conducted to get interpreters’ feedback and opinions in order to better serve their needs and goals as remote interpreters. The data gathered in these surveys is strictly confidential and used by Boostlingo for research purposes in order to better serve the interpreter community.

Steps To Participate

We are back with our Giveaway for Remote Interpreters. Win an amazing $50 Amazon Gift Card by just following few simple Steps. All you have to do is answer a few questions and you can be the lucky one who walks home with the gift card. To participate, you must be our Facebook group member. We encourage all interpreters to join the group for career advice and  Interpretation industries update. You can join the group even if you’re not associated with Boostlingo.

Follow these steps to participate in this month Survey:

Step 1: Become a member of our Facebook Group Boostlingo For Interpreters 

Step 2: Share the LinkedIn survey post on your LinkedIn profile
Step 3: Invite your interpreter friends to join our Facebook Group
Step 4: Fill out this short Boostlingo Survey.

In order to be accepted into the Boostlingo for Interpreters group quicker, please fill the pre approval form so we know who you are.

Rules Of Participation

You must complete all the step mentioned above, Only the participant who has completed all the steps will be considered a valid entry. Based on the best Information provided, one lucky contestant will win an amazing Giveaway. The winner will be declared on the Facebook group on November 30.

All The Very Best!

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