Language Service Provider

Seamlessly Onboards onto Customizable Interpreter Intelligence Platform

A Boostlingo Case Study


Following a competitor’s acquisition of their previous service provider, a Midwest-based Language Service Provider (LSP) sought a new platform to manage their services. Upon discovering Boostlingo’s Interpreter Intelligence (II), they were particularly impressed by the comprehensive and immediate customer service during the onboarding process.

Implementing II allowed the LSP to streamline their processes, improve management, and simplify payroll. Moreover, the LSP is looking forward to expanding their services through the platform’s on-demand feature, setting the stage for future growth.

The Challenge

Before engaging with Interpreter Intelligence, the Language Service Provider (LSP) faced a significant challenge when their previous service platform was acquired by a competitor. They needed to quickly identify a reliable alternative without disrupting their high-volume on-site caseload operations.

Additionally, managing payroll was a complex task that required a more simplified solution. Compounded with the pressure to integrate a new platform in a hurried manner, these issues underscored the urgent need for a comprehensive and efficient service management tool.

The Results

The implementation of Interpreter Intelligence resulted in substantial improvements in the Language Service Provider’s (LSP) operations and service delivery. The platform’s customizable features, especially in scheduling, interpreter management, invoicing, and payments, greatly simplified the LSP’s casework.

The seamless transition to Interpreter Intelligence allowed the LSP to maintain smooth operations while planning for future growth through potential utilization of on-demand services. Shannan, the Office Manager at the LSP, attributes their success to the personalized onboarding and training experience provided by the Interpreter Intelligence team, which solidified her loyalty to the platform.

“We had to integrate into Interpreter Intelligence (II) in a hurried, pressured, and panicked fashion. The II team was accommodating throughout, and we made the transition with bodes of confidence and plenty of assistance.”

– Shannan, Office Manager, Language Service Provider

About the Language Service Provider (LSP)

The LSP operates primarily in the Midwest and extends its services beyond these regions. With extensive experience in fields like healthcare, social services, legal, and education, this agency stands out by emphasizing professionalism and training. Their goal is to provide first-rate interpreting and translation services. To achieve this, they work closely with language experts and their clients, ensuring they deliver high-quality work in a clear and transparent way.

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