On-Demand Interpretation for Healthcare

Provide better language access and improve patient health outcomes with on-demand medical interpretation through Boostlingo.

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With Boostlingo, on-demand means right now: 

  • 24/7 Availability to Medically Certified Interpreters
  • Average Response Time of 13 Seconds
  • 99.9% Call Satisfaction Rating

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Healthcare Organizations Improving Language Access with On-Demand

Dermatology Clinic

With equipment creating bottlenecks in providing language services to patients, switching to on-demand allowed them to access interpretation on their mobile devices from any room. The cherry on top? The $12,000 in cost savings per year.

Federally Qualified Health Center

When this growing FQHC experienced an influx of refugee patients, they struggled to provide care because of language and cultural barriers. On-demand interpretation allowed them to meet the needs of their patients and maximize the amount of time providers spend with limited English proficiency patients. They were also able to track their language services usage through the Boostlingo platform.

Orthopedic Institute

Cancellations and unannounced visits meant financial strain, scheduling, and compliance challenges. Now with on-demand services, they meet all regulatory requirements, rely on fast access to medical interpreters, and build trust with their patients by offering Video Remote Interpreting.

How can you meet the language needs of your patients?

Supported Languages

300+ Languages for On-Demand and Pre-Scheduled Calls

Call Types


Qualified Interpreters

Trained Medical Interpreters

    Our medical assistants are able to within seconds get in touch with an interpreter in a majority of our languages. It’s just perfect from an operational perspective because we know we aren’t having a delay in care.”

  I think it all comes down to ease of use.

Boostlingo is the click of 2 buttons on a tablet and you have access to an interpreter.

 With Boostlingo, our Physicians hit their regulatory marks. They don’t have compliance knocking on the door and it gives them an opportunity to just treat their patients. They don’t need to worry about anything else. This really checks off that box.

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