Over the Phone Interpretation

Use over the phone interpretation to expand language access and get connected easily.

headset on a computer to represent over the phone interpretation

We’re the best option for on-demand and prescheduled over the phone interpretation.

The Boostlingo Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) platform is reliable with crystal clear audio. Our over the phone interpretation bank consists of 10,000 interpreters for 300 languages, many of them supported 24/7. We’re more affordable than most of the largest providers without sacrificing quality on interpretation or call experience.

Boostlingo On-Demand and Scheduled Over the Phone Interpretation allows users located anywhere to quickly connect to a qualified professional interpreter within 10 seconds at a fraction of the cost of traditional onsite interpreting.

Am I in the right place?

Over the phone interpreting (OPI) is sometimes referred to as “over the phone translation.” This article does a great job of explaining the difference between translation and interpreting.

Basically, an interpreter is someone trained to convey oral messages from one language to another. A translator is someone trained to convey written messages from one language to another.