Interpretation Scheduling System (ISS)

The Boostlingo interpretation scheduling system controls all aspects of your interpreter scheduling operations and is tied to robust financial tracking including interpreter and customer account rate management and pricing systems. Boostlingo ensures comprehensive end-to end support of all of your billing and invoicing needs and lets you automate routine scheduling tasks to improve the operational efficiency of your interpreter scheduling teams.

Advanced Scheduling Systems for On-Site (Face-To-Face) Interpreting Services.

The Boostlingo platform allows you to easily manage all of your in person interpreting appointments at any volume. With intelligent appointment scaling logistics Boostlingo can support any size of onsite interpreting business from a handful to hundreds to thousands and beyond across any month. Access to granular detail for any appointment can be quickly and easily navigated to ensure you can confidently control your schedule no matter how busy it gets.

Scheduled Over the Phone and Video Remote Interpreting

Boostlingo has created the first fully integrated Scheduled OPI and Scheduled VRI system to support all of your pre-scheduled remote interpreting requests.  The platform provides management of all the tasks and logistics requisite for successful pre-scheduled Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) sessions.