Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network (BPIN) Supported Languages

This language list was validated on 09/17/2020.

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On Demand VRI Languages

Fully Supported for VRI
from 8am EST
8pm EST
From Monday to Friday

*Please inquire about state-licensure

 Don’t see the language you are looking for? Please provide us a suggestion here:[email protected]

On Demand VRI Pilot Languages

Pilot phase for the select VRI
languages. Hold and
connections times may vary

On Demand Languages -OPI

Fully supported for OPI 24/7

* Hold and connections times may vary

**Pre-scheduling suggested by filling out the form at:

*””Pre-scheduling suggested by filling out the form at:
The Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network (BPIN ). The BPIN services institute a technology platform (“Booslingo Platform”) that enables clients to use Boostlingo’s mobile applications, landline phones or Boostlingo’s website portal provided as part of the Services (each, an “Application”) to get on- demand interpretation services with third party providers of such services, including independent third party interpretation service providers under agreement with Boostlingo or certain of Boostlingo’s affiliates (“Backstop Providers”). Channel Partner acknowledges that Boostlingo does not provide interpretation services as an interpretation service provider. Third party Backstop Providers reserve the right to decline interpretation services to a Boostlingo customer contacted through lhe Boostlingo Platform. The Channel Partner acknowledges that Boosllingo does not contract with, employ, hire, vet qualify, manage or provide interpreters and is not responsible or liable for the conduct of interpreters that are answering calls or providing interpretation services via the Boostlingo Platform. Booslingo works with Backstop Providers in the BPIN to ensure that they meet Boostlingo’s minimum quality standards. BPIN Crowd Languages are generally supported tor on-demand services, but Boostlingo makes no guarantee, representation or warranty that any on-demand OPI or VRI call placed via the BPIN for a supported language will be answered. Booslingo reserves the right to change and update the list of supported languages for both OPI and VRI services at any time. In addition, Boostlingo customers are able to route, calls lo their own interpreter pool (known as “Internal Calls”) and are not required to use a Backstop Provider