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Multilingual Virtual Events Platform

Reach your audience in any language with Boostlingo Events.

Language Translation for Government


Boostlingo Events is multilingual at every touchpoint including chat, polling, and translated presentations.


Accessibility options are available for sign language and captioning.


With support every step of the way, we’ll help you host a fully customized multilingual event for any size audience.


Organizing an in-person event is costly. Online multilingual conferences cut costs and save money for your events!

See Boostlingo Events in action.

Boostlingo Events ensures engagement in any language, anywhere, with live interpretation for online meetings. Our platform, designed for global participation, offers special features like gallery view, screen sharing, multilingual presentations, and interpretation support. Watch our demo video to see how it works!

Boostlingo Events: Use Cases

From small meetings to large international events, you can simply add language interpretation. Boostlingo Events is perfect to make your event more inclusive and accessible to everyone.


Add language interpretation for any type of meeting

Boostlingo Events is a web meeting platform where you can add language interpretation. Each meeting participant can simply join the meeting and interact in their language. We take care of the rest.


Inclusive and accessible for all

From webinars to large company town-halls, you can be more inclusive by hosting the event on Boostlingo Events with simultaneous interpretation. Attendees simply connect to our platform, select their language, and enter the breakout room to listen in their native language or language of choice.


Add language accessibility to your app

Boostlingo can integrate with every web conferencing and event platform. Participants needing interpretation or translation services will use our web widget to listen to your event in their preferred language.


Make your onsite events truly accessible

From small gatherings to large international conferences, you can include all your participants by adding remote interpretation. Attendees will simply scan a QR code and engage at the event in their preferred language.

Boostlingo Events is your solution for multilingual communication with global audiences.

Our solution is multilingual at every touchpoint. Featuring a localized interface, translated chat messages, and multilingual slides, you can connect with a global audience effortlessly.

What sets our virtual event platform apart?

With the aid of a virtual event platform, users may simply host virtual conferences, meetings, webinars, and other events. Boostlingo Events distinguishes itself from the competition by providing remote simultaneous interpretation capabilities not seen in traditional video conferencing software.

Boostlingo Events is the perfect language solution for multilingual participants. Integrating our platform into your virtual event is your best option on the market since we are multilingual at all touchpoints.

As your audience listens to the speaker, Boostlingo Events gives them the option to choose their preferred language. Once they select a particular channel, the assigned language professional will simultaneously interpret the message of the speaker, so they’ll be hearing the equivalent of the speech in their native language.

In addition to letting your audience listen to your speaker in their preferred language, our platform can translate chats, slides, and polls for you! This way, you can focus on getting your message across while our platform bridges the language gap to provide accessibility for all event participants.

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Boostlingo Events Integrations:

One of the main strengths of Boostlingo Events is its third-party app integration. You can use your preferred conferencing platform with seamless integration of Boostlingo Events with apps such as the ones listed here.

Buyers Guide to Multilingual Events

Event planners have many ways to run events today, but running a multilingual event can be difficult. This ebook helps you pick the best multilingual event technology solution to run your event.

Frequently asked questions

With the aid of a virtual event platform, users may simply host virtual conferences, meetings, webinars, and other events. Boostlingo Events distinguishes itself from the competition by providing capabilities not seen in traditional video conferencing software.

By allowing for peer-to-peer and group interactions among your attendees, virtual event platforms may give hosts and participants a one-of-a-kind experience.

According to Globe Newswire, the global virtual events market had total revenues of USD 110.21 billion in 2021 and is expected to be worth USD 617.33 billion by 2030, compound annual growth Rate of 21.1% from 2022 to 2030. These are impressive figures that demonstrate how popular online events are becoming.

Boostlingo Events uses industry-standard encryption to protect your data at rest and in transit. Your data is also safe-guarded by compliance and procedures, regular security employer trainings, and ongoing penetration testing. We guarantee privacy and secrecy through our business agreement, which will include extensive confidentiality restrictions. We also have contracts with our interpreters to ensure that no information about the events is ever leaked to third parties (if we give them). Furthermore, each event has a unique key or ID that, at first, is only available to the creator and any other persons he or she has trusted. After an event, the only forms of data retained in our database are user login information and event statistics. Don’t worry, we can erase all data upon request! You can trust Boostlingo Events to provide a secure virtual event platform for your forthcoming event or webinar.
Simultaneous interpretation is an interpretation technique where the interpreter converts a speaker’s message from one language to another in real-time. In virtual events, simultaneous interpretation promotes inclusivity and accessibility by allowing all participants to understand and partake in the event in their preferred language.
For starters, participants will need a device (computer, smartphone, or tablet) to access the virtual event as well as some headphones for better audio quality. On the other hand, interpreters will need quality microphones, headsets, and a dedicated platform to manage interpretation channels.
Yes! You’ll have the ability to customize language options and we can support. Just coordinate with us so we know which specific languages to prioritize at your virtual and hybrid event.
Basically, any virtual or hybrid event that has multi–lingual attendees can be hosted on Boostlingo Events. Think of large-scale conferences, internal training courses, product launches, and webinars. Our virtual event platform will provide an avenue for valuable engagements!
One of the main strengths of Boostlingo Events is its third-party app integration. You can use your preferred conferencing platform since Boostlingo Events can seamlessly integrate with apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Team, Google Hangouts and many others!