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Interpreter Services

Boostlingo offers the tools you need to connect to qualified interpreters for any occasion.


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Break Down Language Barriers in Any Setting

Boostlingo interpretation services help your organization communicate without barriers. 

Learning Service Provider
Audio Interpreting

Connect to phone interpreters in seconds with Boostlingo On-Demand, 24/7. 

Video Remote Interpreting

Provide face-to-face service from the Boostlingo app or on Zoom, Teams, and Webex. 

Event Interpreting

Discover our remote simultaneous interpretation technology and services for seamless meetings and events. 

Sign Language

Support and build trust with the Deaf or Hard of hearing community with ASL interpretation services. 

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Improve virtual care with quick connection to qualified medical interpreters directly through your existing system. 

Learning Service Provider
Interpreter Network

Break down language barriers with the Boostlingo Hub, our network of 17,000 professional linguists. 

Language List
Language List

View a list of 300+ supported languages, including American Sign Language and indigenous languages. 

The Importance of Human Interpretation

The true essence of human communication lies beyond the mere exchange of words. Human interpreters possess an unparalleled ability to navigate the intricate interplay of cultural nuances and unspoken meaning. They decipher the subtle cues woven into body language, facial expressions, and tone, unlocking layers of understanding that cannot be deciphered by artificial intelligence

This irreplaceable human touch ensures accurate and culturally sensitive communication, fostering trust and connection across linguistic and cultural divides. While AI offers efficiency in a limited number of straightforward scenarios, human interpretation is required for most interactions, including high-stakes encounters, negotiations, culturally sensitive situations, or for interpreting complex and nuanced language. 

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'Remote interpreting calls connect without delay and have the best video quality. In my opinion, this is the choice for a remote interpreting platform.'

Boostlingo On-Demand: Remote Interpretation Solution

Boostlingo On-Demand is a remote interpreting solution designed for easier, on-demand high-quality virtual interpretation. 

Are you ready for better phone and video interpretation?

Boostlingo On-Demand is the solution for organizations that are looking to provide over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) or video remote interpreting (VRI) to serve diverse communities.

Get connected in seconds with the Boostlingo Hub made up of 17,000 interpreters speaking 300 languages all over the globe. Our application works on desktop, tablet, mobile, or traditional landline so that your whole staff can initiate an interpretation request instantly. Boostlingo On-Demand features and benefits include:

  • Connecting with interpreters in seconds, not minutes
  • Network of 17,000+ qualified interpreters speaking 300+ languages
  • Video remote interpreting and over-the-phone interpreting
  • 24/7 availability in over 90 languages
  • Interpreter Code of Conduct for quality and compliance
  • Use on any device, quickly add new users, and support preferences through custom call settings
  • Access call logs to manage language services
  • Integrations with Zoom, Stripe, Teams and QuickBooks
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"We’re using Boostlingo Events for simultaneous interpretation platform to… ensure sessions run smoothly and participants are able to fully engage."

Boostlingo Events: Event Interpretation Solution

Boostlingo Events is a solution for real-time interpretation during virtual, hybrid, and on-site meetings, conferences, trainings, and other high stakes events.

Are you ready to simplify event interpretation?

Boostlingo Events is a virtual event platform that offers human remote simultaneous interpretation services to assist you in reaching your target audience in any language complimented with event translation for event documents, chat and subtitling features. Boostlingo Events can help you add interpreters to any of your events quickly!

Through our integrations, Boostlingo Events can be used independently, or easily integrated into Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms.


Buyers Guide to Finding an On-Demand Interpretation Partner

This free ebook explores why on-demand interpretation is an essential tool for compliance and serving diverse communities and prepares you to evaluate potential partners.

Need AI translation and captioning?

Boostlingo AI Pro is our solution to convert spoken words into captions or translated speech using the power of AI.

Frequently asked questions

On-demand interpretation is a language interpreting service that provides consumers with real-time interpretation services as needed. Boostlingo On-Demand’s application combines technology and human interpreters to give users on-demand language assistance. It works as follow: 

User Request: The user requests an interpretation session using the on-demand interpretation software. 

Interpreter Assignment: The software assigns the best-suited interpretation for the session based on language competence, industry experience, and availability.

Interpretation Session: The interpreter joins the session via the software, providing real-time interpretation to the user.

Session End: Once the session is complete, the interpreter exits out of the application and the user is billed for the services performed.

  1. In a global communication landscape, service might be hampered by a linguistic barrier between two people who do not speak the same language. Boostlingo On-Demand restores the connection your staff requires to accomplish their tasks effectively.
  2. Distance is not a factor With our on-demand interpreting services, you can speak with an interpreter in seconds! There is no requirement for someone to be in the same room.
  3. On-demand interpretation is less expensive and improves efficiency Boostlingo On-Demand is passionate about implementing new technologies and delivering our services to help leverage affordability and time-saving features. Those who couldn’t afford onsite interpreters or as paying for travel, are now able to access interpretation.
Boostlingo On-Demand sets specific security and confidentiality policies to protect users’ and their information’s privacy. Our professional ethical standards oblige interpreters to maintain confidentiality and impartiality throughout interpreting sessions.

Boostlingo On-Demand can help your business in the following ways:

  1. Increase Communication
    Allows you to communicate with clients that speak other languages, which improves communication and comprehension.
  2. Improve Productivity
    You can quickly obtain language assistance services without leaving your workplace, saving time and enhancing productivity.
  3. Increase your Customer Base and Potential Revenue
    By providing language support, your company may reach a larger audience, boosting your customer base and possible income.
  4. Improve Customer Service
    Boostlingo On-Demand can help you give better customer service by giving language support and increasing customer happiness and loyalty.
  5. Reduced Costs
    With Boostlingo On-Demand it may be less expensive than paying full-time interpreters or translators.

In the language industry, artificial intelligence is a vast and unexplored space. Language professionals are only beginning to see the potential impact of AI and most AI-powered programs are still in their infancy stages. As it stands, AI has significant limitations, but has shown the potential to support, optimize, and augment the performance of interpreters.

Artificial intelligence will continue to evolve, and AI-powered programs are expected to become more sophisticated. In the coming years, more stakeholders in the language industry will integrate AI into their workflows, but it’s important to understand that AI has its share of limitations. AI lacks contextual and cultural sensitivity that’s innate in human interpreters and can’t be relied upon for sensitive and complex situations like medical appointments, legal interactions, and other cross-cultural interactions. In this light, AI shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for interpreters but as a tool that can maximize their expertise.
Boostlingo’s human interpretation services enhance multilingual events by the following:
  • bridging language gaps with cultural nuance
  • adaptability
  • real-time clarifications.
Human interpreters personalize the experience, addressing event requirements, managing dynamic Q&A, and building rapport. They convey emotions, facilitate networking, and ensure accuracy, making events more inclusive and successful.
Yes! You’ll have the ability to customize language options and we can support. Just coordinate with us so we know which specific languages to prioritize at your virtual and hybrid event.
Interpretation services are beneficial across many events such as conferences, legal proceedings, healthcare appointments, and business meetings. The versatility of these services enables effective communication in diverse industries by addressing specific language requirements for each event.