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Elevate your Language Services

Position your organization for growth with Boostlingo ii.

Efficient Matching

Easily find interpreters matching job requirements, including company metrics like margin and distance.

Advanced Financials

Use various system processes to quickly fill job vacancies.

Dynamic Scheduling

Use various system processes to quickly fill job vacancies.


Use your interpreters or connect to Boostlingo Hub backstop for on-demand and prescheduled services.

Premier Interpreter Scheduling

Our interpreter scheduling system has you covered: interpreter scheduling, workforce management, financial management. Streamline and automate your entire workflow so you can focus on what matters most: growing your language services business.

Boostlingo ii is an end-to-end solution that allows you to schedule assignments, manage your customer and interpreter database, keep interpreter compliance records up to date, generate real-time reports, and streamline your accounts payables and accounts receivables.

Automate interpreter requests and job offers by giving your interpreters and customers access to their own portals, while maintaining oversight and control over the entire job lifecycle. Allow your interpreters to close their own jobs with eSignature collection.

Easily review statistical data about the state of your business on a periodic basis defined by you. Quickly see bookings broken down by language, customer and activity spanning any time frame. All data is readily exported in csv format for further statistical analysis in a tool such as Excel.

Streamline the assignment offering process with our auto-offer feature. Automatically send job offers to interpreters based on their language, location, availability and eligibility. Allow your staff to focus on other tasks while the system does the work for you!

Boostlingo ii is your gateway to future-proofing your language services company.

Efficient, adaptable, and comprehensive, it’s the solution you need for the evolving demands of the language industry. Reach out today to get a quote!
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The thing that I LOVE love is that Boostlingo ii has remote capability.

Support remote interpreting with on-demand services.

In 2022, remote services comprised 49% of all interpretation delivery. With Boostlingo’s on-demand over-the-phone and video remote interpreting you can provide more consecutive interpretation options to your clients.

Over-the-phone Interpreting (OPI) & Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)
Use your interpreters or connect to our network of interpreters for on-demand interpreting calls.

Custom Call Settings
Tailor the remote interpreting experience to your specific needs.

300+ supported languages with 24/7 support for 90 languages
By connecting to our interpreter network, the Boostlingo Hub, you’ll have access to a backstop of over 17,000 interpreters covering 300 languages including ASL and rare languages.

Quick connection times
With an average response time (ART) of 13 seconds, your clients can always count on connecting to an interpreter when they need one.

Interpreter Management on Boostlingo ii

What makes Boostlingo ii such a dynamic solution for your interpreter management system? Our platform enhances operations management, streamlines scheduling, and simplifies remote interpreting delivery from one complete platform.

Management System

Comprehensive HR Functions: Track and store credentials and eligibility in the system. Manage onboarding and continuous professional development of interpreters.

Advanced Financials: Full-scale financial management from start to finish. Boostlingo ii integrates with billing systems like QuickBooks for seamless payment and invoicing.

Flexible Contract Management: Configure limitless variables from multiple vendor and customer contracts.

Scheduling System

App for Interpreters: Access job details, maps, times, and agency notes. Accept or decline offers, close jobs, and obtain eSignatures

Dynamic Scheduling: Use various system processes to quickly fill job vacancies.

Customizable Templates: Tailor your communication templates to suit diverse needs.

Stability: Experience 99.9% service and platform uptime with Boostlingo ii.


OPI & VRI: Offer remote interpreting so your clients can connect to an interpreter anytime, anywhere.

Device Agnostic: Use Boostlingo ii on any device – desktop, mobile (iOS or Android), or tablet.

We use the system every day. We love using it. We’re able to take on a lot more business. It’s a system we plan on using forever!

Are you a language service provider interested in becoming a partner?

Boostlingo offers the most trusted interpretation management and delivery software. Our products cover all aspects of running an interpretation business and accessing qualified interpreters.

Additional language support with Boostlingo Hub.

The Boostlingo Hub is a comprehensive backstop network of over 17,000 qualified interpreters supporting 300+ languages including ASL, and rare and indigenous languages not currently covered by your interpreters.

Frequently asked questions

With Boostlingo ii you can create the workflow that is needed by customer; auto-offer and auto-assign for the hands-off; selection and assignment of specific interpreters for others.

Boostlingo ii has a sophisticated qualification system that uses eligibilities and requirements to filter for only the matches who fit a job’s many prerequisites. These may be configured as pay and invoice variants, and be specific to a service type, customer, or company-wide need.
The job cycle in Boostlingo ii is streamlined: from creation to assignment, close to verification, and then billing and payment – each step is maintained in one job record, complete with audit history. Bulk payment and invoice creation adds additional efficiency.
Yes! Our platform allows your team to provide on-demand OPI and VRI via Boostlingo ii when they are open to do so. Too busy working elsewhere? The Boostlingo Hub provides a backstop to keep the services available for your customers when you can’t cover internally.
Our Customer Success Team provides onboarding guidance throughout the implementation process. We create customized implementation plans for onboarding customers, maintain a full resource library, a searchable knowledge base, weekly meeting time and one-on-one sessions with your Customer Success Manager.
The answer is yes!