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What is the Boostlingo Hub?

Boostlingo Hub is a robust global network of language professionals providing a broad spectrum of language services.

History of the Boostlingo Hub

In 2017, Boostlingo was receiving an influx of requests from language services companies to help scale and augment their interpretation services resourcing abilities. To address this, Boostlingo began developing the infrastructure for a network comprised of a few initial language service providers who could bring additional qualified interpreters into this network. This global network grew steadily and has been largely comprised of partnerships between Boostlingo and language service companies to provide coverage for the video interpretation and voice interpretation calls placed through the Boostlingo platform.

Today, the network has evolved to offer a diverse array of language professionals which includes 17,000+ professional interpreters representing over 300 global languages. It is because of these partnerships that Boostlingo can guarantee a connection when on-demand calls are placed through the platform, as well as support prescheduled OPI, VRI, and RSI assignments.

With the expansion of services, the network originally called the Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network (BPIN), is now called the Boostlingo Hub. This network of professional interpreters is now a fully-fledged network of language professionals covering a much broader spectrum of language services, including access to the industry’s most robust pool of global interpreters, localization services, voiceover translations, document translations, and more!

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We weren't using a lot of OPI, around 20 hrs a month, before we signed with Boostlingo. Now, we do over 300 hours a month!

Scale language service offerings with Boostlingo Hub

The Boostlingo Hub helps you to scale your business by providing a robust network of language professionals at the touch of a button. With immediate access to this network of 17,000 interpreters, translators, and language professionals with a myriad of expertise, you can expand to a 24/7 on-stop-shop while building out your own network of linguists. 

Boostlingo has the routing engine to prioritize your own interpreters before routing to the Boostlingo Hub so you can designate staffed resources while having the safety net of our vetted and qualified language professional pool.

Good availability when we call. Translators are always very polite and are always patient with the time commitment.

How do we qualify our interpreters?

Boostlingo requires every language service provider who is associated with the Boostlingo Hub to staff qualified language professionals.

For example, to be a designated interpreter in the medical interpretation field, in addition to fulfilling minimum qualification requirements, Boostlingo Hub interpreters must have three years of medical interpreting experience, 40 hours of interpreter training, and provide evidence of current HIPAA training that is renewed yearly.

To maintain these standards, we have quality assurance procedures among the best in the business. We perform audits on all our Boostlingo Hub partners and interpreters, and have a team dedicated to investigating every incident reported through our quality assurance form. With these procedures in place, we’ve kept our complaint percentage for the thousands of calls a day at or below 0.03% YOY.

Are you a Language Service Provider looking to grow your business?

Boostlingo is a customizable language access technology platform designed to help language service providers grow their business.