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About Boostlingo

Communicate without barriers and increase language access for all.

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Our mission is to build innovative technology that empower our customer and the people they serve to communicate without barriers and increase language access for all

The Challenge

We strive to unite all language access technology and workflow components necessary to support the management and coordination of all the interpretation-related tasks including the management of on-demand and prescheduled over-the-phone (OPI) and video remote interpreting (VRI) sessions, data reporting and business administrative tools like integrations with Quickbooks and Webex. We're a team dedicated to getting people connected to the language support they need however they need it.

About us

Founded in San Francisco in 2016, Boostlingo set out to disrupt the language industry by developing software solutions that unlock access to language across the globe. After relocating to Austin, TX in 2021, we have continued to build a global workforce passionate about language access and dedicated to helping more people obtain language services during all moments of life.

Our innovative solutions break communication barriers, unlocking a world where individuals and businesses alike can operate freely, without restriction. Through our proprietary intelligent routing functionality, we connect the end user and language service provider with a suite of language industry solutions, whether that be a pool of diverse interpreters, a robust IMS platform, or critical translation tools, Boostlingo is your source for language access solutions.

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Organizations we partner with

Boostlingo partners with and gives support to many organizations that are paving the way for more language accessibility across the globe. Here are a few of the organizations that are on the journey with us to break communication barriers.

Executive Team

Bryan Forrester
Co-Founder, CEO
Scott Parnell
Chief Financial Officer
Merrie Wallace
Chief Revenue Officer
Matt Cotton
Chief Technology Officer
Brian D’Agostino
Co-Founder & VP, Products
Dieter Runge
Co-Founder, VP, Global Strategy and Business Development
Noelle Lattimore
VP, of Legal and Compliance
Caroline Remer
VP, Language Access
Nina Siglin
VP of People

Interested in working for Boostlingo?

Whether you want to work with us as a contractor or looking to join full-time, check the open positions and let us know about the role you imagine having at Boostlingo!