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Business Interpretation Services

Go beyond business language services with Boostlingo.

Language Translation for Business and Corporate

Certified Business Interpreters

Leverage 17,000+ interpreters, connect effortlessly to your target language with Boostlingo.

CRM & Client Portal

Monitor language service usage and language mix effortlessly with our IMS client portal for streamlined management.

Intelligent Routing Engine

Optimize connections with intelligent routing for rapid access to industry-specific interpreters.

Provide seamless communication with our pool of business interpreters

Elevate your language services with Boostlingo’s suite— empowering corporations across the financial industry and more with accurate interpretation.

Enhance your interpretation services

Explore the impact of Boostlingo’s On-Demand Interpreting Product in our video. Unlock a diverse pool of interpreters, 300+ languages, and choose immediate assistance or schedule for the future. Empower your business with language service accessibility at your fingertips!

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Our admins love Boostlingo! Whether connecting via video or just phone, it's proved to be the ideal resource needed for translations.

Bridge communication gaps with Boostlingo On-Demand.

Boostlingo On-Demand offers convenient access to qualified interpreters for engaging in real-time corporate communication through video remote interpreting (VRI) or over-the-phone interpreting (OPI). This service facilitates meaningful connections with international markets on a more personalized level. The on-demand interpretation and business translation services are suitable for various corporate environments, including:

  • International Business Meetings and Conferences
  • Business Negotiations
  • Training and Development Programs
  • Market Research
  • Product Launches
  • Human Resources and Recruitment
  • Sign language interpreting for ADA employees
  • Communicating in Foreign Markets
  • Discussing Financial Reports

Leverage Boostlingo On-Demand as your preferred language solution accessible through desktop and mobile applications, conveniently available on both Apple and Google’s app stores.

boostlingo events logo

We started working with Boostlingo Events because they were one of the few companies that offered translation services. That was important to us.

Simultaneous interpretation for corporate settings.

Boostlingo Events facilitates effective communication in any business setting including language assistance in meetings conducting international business in foreign markets, business conferences or even connecting employees who speak a different language to fill any language gap.

Our platform allows you to facilitate communication in multiple foreign languages simultaneously through simultaneous interpreting. With our multilingual virtual events platform, there is no need to hire an outside linguist!

Boostlingo Events allows you to accommodate a wide range of language pairs, ensuring that businesses can communicate effortlessly with their global audience.

Additionally, our platform goes beyond traditional event communication by incorporating a multilingual chat function. This feature empowers participants to actively engage, ask questions, and contribute, fostering a collaborative environment where all voices are not only heard but also understood.

AI Translation for business meetings

Utilize Boostlingo AI Pro as your professional translator, transforming spoken words into written text. Our AI-driven platform supports translation for businesses into 130+ languages, making it ideal to communicate with your target audiences for business meetings, events, or conferences!

AI Pro features:

  • Live captioning
  • Speech to text
  • Real-Time translation
  • Meeting transcripts

Boostlingo ensures inclusivity for diverse communities, catering to non-English (foreign) speakers and individuals with hearing disabilities, thus aligning with accessibility standards.

Seamlessly integrating with established communication systems, including popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Boostlingo AI Pro ensures smooth sessions and minimal disruption to workflow.

Our Network of Skilled Interpreters

With our network of 17,000+ professional interpreters, we guarantee that you can easily connect with business and conference interpreters in seconds to help eliminate those communication barriers.

Buyers Guide to Finding an On-Demand Interpretation Partner

This free ebook explores why on-demand interpretation is an essential tool for compliance and serving diverse communities and prepares you to evaluate potential partners.

Frequently asked questions

Business interpreting is the practice of facilitating communication between individuals who speak different languages in a professional or corporate environment. Interpreters play a critical role in ensuring communication is clear and accurate, helping with the understanding of complex information, preserving cultural sensitivity, and fostering effective collaboration.

Boostingo’s Business interpreting service significantly contributes to the achievement of seamless global communication in the business world. Our interpreters remotely support virtual meetings, conferences, negotiations, and any business-related interactions where language barriers may arise, ensuring effective communication across the globe.

The Boostlingo Hub holds a network of 17,000+ certified remote interpreters proficient in over 300 languages. With more than 90 languages available 24/7, we ensure continuous and accessible support.

Boostlingo provides a document translation service designed to assist in translating various materials, including insurance documents, financial materials and business documents. This service aims to help you in enhancing efficient communication with partners and employees.