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AI Translation

Boostlingo AI Pro converts spoken words to translated captions with AI.

AI Captions

Caption and transcribe meetings instantly, capturing and annotating every word, even if spoken in different languages.

AI Translations

Translate spoken content from one language to another instantly.

AI Speech

Prefer to hear the translations instead of reading them? Then AI Speech is a feature you’d like to turn on.

AI Assistance

Get AI assistance with various tasks. Meeting note summaries to AI generated glossary, AI is integrated in every step.


Begin captioning and translating today

Caption meetings, translate conversations in real time, and transcribe communications with Boostlingo AI Pro. Sign up for a 60-minute free trial today.

Boostlingo AI Pro: How it works

Boostlingo AI Pro offers high-quality multilingual captions via AI speech recognition and AI translations. Effortlessly convert spoken words into written text with live captioning during meetings or conferences, enabling seamless communication across languages. Check out how it works!


How to set up a session

  1. Setup your session by defining which languages should be supported for captioning & translating.
  2. Share session details with other participants.
  3. Click “start session” & captioning will begin.
  4. When meeting is over, a transcript with all meeting notes will be available to review & download.

AI Speech Translation

Toggle to audio button for AI speech

Listen to AI translated captions with AI speech by clicking on the “audio” button during a session.

There are different languages available for:

  1. Spoken Languages (input)
  2. Translated Captions (output)
  3. AI Speech (output)

The list of languages keeps evolving, full list of languages is available in the app.


Integrate with any Conferencing App

AI Pro easily integrates natively with third-party software like Zoom, Google Chrome  and Microsoft Teams to provide precise translated captions.

Boostlingo AI Pro is compatible with these apps:

The number of integrations will continue to increase.
For a wide range of integration options and instructions on how to use them, click here.

Boostlingo AI Pro: Overview Video

Words have the power to educate, heal, encourage, empower…or change the world! But when language is a barrier, ideas get lost in translation. That’s where Boostlingo AI Pro comes in!

Use Cases for AI Interpretation Software

AI translation tools can be used across many types of industries in specific use cases where an interpreter may not be as easily accessible and with lower stakes conversations are taking place. Boostlingo AI Pro supports businesses’ speech-to-text and speech-to-speech translation needs for all types of industries. These include corporate business organizations, education, events and conferences, non-profit organizations, and local governments.

Language List
Event Translation

Provide instant AI translation during any type of event, conference, webinar, or meeting. 

Education Communication

Boostlingo AI Pro can be used by teachers, staff, and families to understand each other when speaking different languages quickly and easily.

Business Meetings

Support a global workforce with the ability to caption, translate, and transcribe meetings into any language using AI-driven language interpretation.

Government Town Hall

Instant AI translation services at town halls, city council meetings or other government events where multilingual attendees are present.

Non-Profit AI Translations

Discover an affordable, easy-to-use AI-powered platform to overcome language barriers with LEP or Deaf or Hard of hearing clients.

Boostlingo AI Pro Pricing

Try AI Pro Free

60 Minutes Total
$ 0
  • Ai Integrations Included
  • Captioning Included*
  • Translation Included**
  • 30 Minutes Max Length
Free Trial


1200 Minutes / Month / User
$ 9
  • Ai Integrations included
  • Captioning included*
  • Translation included**
  • 5-days retention
  • 20 participants max
  • 90 minutes max length/session


6000 Minutes / Month / User
$ 19
  • Ai Integrations included
  • Captioning included*
  • Translation included**
  • 30-Days retention
  • 50 Participants max
  • 240 minutes max length/session


20,000 Minutes / Month / User
Custom Quote Minimum 20 users
  • Ai Integrations included
  • Captioning included*
  • Translation included**
  • Unlimited retention
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited length

*1 Minute per captioned source language, **1 Minute charge per translated target language 


State of AI in Language Industry

Amidst the rapid advancements and concerns over AI, this study of over 250 language industry stakeholders identified key trends around AI to plan for integration and enhance language service operations. Get the full report here.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Boostlingo AI Pro captures speech to text for multiple languages at once with over 130 languages in our library.

All chosen languages for caption translation will be available for download as transcriptions.
Absolutely! Usually, it takes companies a few business days to make translated meeting transcripts depending on the word count. With Boostlingo AI Pro, your meeting transcripts are ready for download within minutes of the end of your meeting session!

Boostlingo AI Pro supports transcriptions as text, in .srt and .vtt formats.

Your data remains entirely private and is never used in the training of our AI. Additionally, we do not retain any records of your meetings. Your transcripts are securely stored solely for your convenience, allowing you to access and download them whenever you choose.

You can currently access a list of languages supported for conversation and those available for caption translation on this page.

The number of integrations will continue to increase.
For a wide range of integration options and instructions on how to use them, click here.