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Translated Captions for Business

Translate spoken words into written text for meetings, events or conferences with Boostlingo AI Pro.

Simultaneous interpretation for graduation ceremonies

Ensure Better Accessibility at Your Events and Meetings Through AI Captioning

  • 130+ Languages Available

Boostlingo’s AI translation feature allows users to get instant translated captions for over 130 languages.

  • Third Party Integration

Smooth integration with third party platforms such as Zoom and Teams. Enable your company to effortlessly foster seamless communication worldwide.

  • Real Time Translation

Boostlingo easily converts spoken content from one language to another instantly.

  • Speech to Text

With Boostlingo AI Pro, turn spoken language into written translated text powered by AI.

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Say Goodbye to Communication Gaps

Don’t let language differences hold your company back in potential international expansion.

Boostlingo’s AI feature ensures that your organization’s ability to enter new markets and connect globally with:

  • Partners
  • Clients
  • Global Customers

Training and Development

Companies with a diverse workforce spread across different regions often face a challenge of communicating important internal messages due to language barriers.

Boostlingo’s real-time translated captioning helps ensure important company messaging, training materials, and announcements are easily accessible to employees who speak different languages!

grow your LSP business with Boostlingo interpretation management system.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Boostlingo AI Pro captures speech to text for multiple languages at once with over 130 languages in our library.

All chosen languages for caption translation will be available for download as transcriptions.

Absolutely! Usually, it takes companies a few business days to make translated meeting transcripts depending on the word count. 

Your meeting transcripts are ready for download within minutes of the end of your meeting session! 

We plan to expand its language offerings gradually. You can currently access a list of languages supported for conversation and those available for caption translation on this page.