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AI Platform for Multilingual Events

Use AI translated captions to support global audiences.

AI Captions

Caption events instantly, capturing and annotating every word, no matter what language your audience speaks.

AI Translations

Translate spoken content from one language to another for up to 130 languages.


Smooth native integration with third party apps makes it easy to host multilingual virtual events on any platform.

AI Assistance

Get AI assistance with various tasks. With meeting note summaries to AI generated glossary, AI is in every step.


Begin captioning and translating today

Caption meetings, translate conversations in real time, and transcribe communications with Boostlingo AI Pro. Sign up for a 60-minute free trial today.

AI Translations for Multilingual Events: Use Cases

Communicate effectively with your global audience in over 130 languages. Boostlingo AI Pro is a budget-friendly way to connect with a worldwide audience ensuring accurate and smooth interactions. Rely on Boostlingo AI Pro as your go-to multilingual translator.


Add language support for global and virtual events.

Offer precise, effortless AI captioning for seamless event translation. Ideal for:

  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Hybrid Events
  • Seminars
  • Trainings


Accurate real-time captioning

Make sure everyone understands the content clearly, no matter what language they speak, thanks to our accurate real-time captions.

Misunderstandings can cause confusion and miscommunication, but with real-time translated captions for multiple languages, Boostlingo AI Pro promotes:

  • Clear communication
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Information retention

Boostlingo AI Pro: Overview Video

Words have the power to educate, heal, encourage, empower…or change the world! But when language is a barrier, ideas get lost in translation. That’s where Boostlingo AI Pro comes in!

Boostlingo AI Pro Pricing

Try AI Pro Free

60 Minutes Total
$ 0
  • Ai Integrations Included
  • Captioning Included*
  • Translation Included**
  • 30 Minutes Max Length
Free Trial


1200 Minutes / Month / User
$ 9
  • Ai Integrations included
  • Captioning included*
  • Translation included**
  • 5-days retention
  • 20 participants max
  • 90 minutes max length/session


6000 Minutes / Month / User
$ 19
  • Ai Integrations included
  • Captioning included*
  • Translation included**
  • 30-Days retention
  • 50 Participants max
  • 240 minutes max length/session


20,000 Minutes / Month / User
Custom Quote Minimum 20 users
  • Ai Integrations included
  • Captioning included*
  • Translation included**
  • Unlimited retention
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited length

*1 Minute per captioned source language, **1 Minute charge per translated target language 


Buyers Guide to Multilingual Events

With so many ways to run a multilingual event, deciding what type of technology you need is hard. This guide helps you pick which simultaneous interpretation or translation solution to run your event.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Boostlingo AI Pro captures speech to text for multiple languages at once with over 130 languages in our library.

All chosen languages for caption translation will be available for download as transcriptions.

Absolutely! Usually, it takes companies a few business days to make translated meeting transcripts depending on the word count.
With Boostlingo AI Pro, your meeting transcripts are ready for download within minutes of the end of your meeting session!

Boostlingo AI Pro supports transcriptions as text, in .srt and .vtt formats.

Your data remains entirely private and is never used in the training of our AI.

Additionally, we do not retain any records of your meetings. Your transcripts are securely stored solely for your convenience, allowing you to access and download them whenever you choose.

You can currently access a list of languages supported for conversation and those available for caption translation on this page.

The number of integrations will continue to increase.
For a wide range of integration options and instructions on how to use them, click here.