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Translation Policies
and Procedures

How to submit a translation request:

  • Translations are available to Boostlingo and non–Boostlingo clients. If you are not a client an Account Manager will be assigned to you after submitting the translation form.
  • Complete the Translation Request Form: Translation Request Form – Boostlingo

Process after submitting a translation request:

  • One of our project managers will acknowledge receipt of your request by automatically notifying the point of contact you provide on the submitted form.
  • The document/s will be reviewed by our project managers, and you will be provided with a quote for cost.
  • Please review the quote. Once the final cost has been agreed upon and you have provided written approval by signing the quote, the project will start.
  • Once the project is finalized, the project manager will send you the completed translation by your preferred method of delivery.


  • If the project is cancelled after the quote has been approved, 100% of the quote cost will be assessed.

Project changes after delivery:

  • You can request changes after the delivery.
  • If the changes involve grammar or format preferences but the completed project is correct from a grammar or format standpoint, a new quote will be issued. The translator and proofreader will review and provide supporting evidence on the correct grammar and format. 
  • If the changes involve translation error(s), there is no additional charge.