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Boostlingo for Language Service Providers

Scale interpretation services and cut manual processes with Boostlingo.

Language Service Providers

Expand services

Scale your impact with phone and video interpreting and breakdown resource constraints with the Boostlingo Hub.

Unlock productivity

Manual tasks eat at your calendar. Automate scheduling and billing to focus on high impact areas of your business.

Improve operations

An IMS keeps your program running smoothly with real-time performance insights, strong uptime, and security standards.

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Discover why LSPs around the world use Boostlingo to scale their language services programs and cut down on manual, time-consuming processes.

Video: Boostlingo for LSPs

Watch this video of Boostlingo Co-Founder & CEO, Bryan Forrester, to learn how Boostlingo can help you grow and manage your interpretation business.

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How iTek uses Boostlingo to be #1 LSP in Quad Cities

Since 2017, iTek has provided interpretation services for schools in the Quad Cities, aiding in language access for over 30 languages, including rare ones. Remote interpreting has expanded their offerings into healthcare, allowing fast client-interpreter connections.

Despite a competitive market in 2017, Hector was confident he could grow iTek. The challenge for Hector was to serve the diverse and evolving language needs of the Quad Cities communities and adapt to the increasing demand for interpretation services across various industries.

Hector grew iTek quickly, using Boostlingo Hub for remote interpreting, covering 300 languages without needing local staff. They saved costs, allowing lower prices than big competitors. The on-demand service provides instant access to interpreters through an app, which is crucial for healthcare and education clients. ITek also white labels the Boostlingo platform for brand awareness.

“We are able to offer the lowest price and far more options, all with the love of Mom and Pop.”
– Hector Vasquez, CEO

Boostlingo On Demand Logo

My clients are getting interested in OPI. They see cost savings. I offer OPI through my interpreters and the Boostlingo Hub, a scalable resource.

Remote interpreting for language service providers

Boostlingo On-Demand is a product that manages and delivers interpretation services through phone and video.

  • Set up staff interpreters for remote interpreting appointments. Expand your offerings and give your interpreters more opportunities.
  • Offer services in over 300 languages with Boostlingo Hub, including rare and indigenous ones, through a network of over 17,000 remote interpreters.
  • Use it on any device. Set up clients with an easy-to-use app so they can connect to services on their phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Tailor the remote interpreting experience to your clients’ specific needs and workflows.
  • Boostlingo On-Demand uses intelligent routing technology to quickly connect your clients with the best possible match for their needs.

The interpreting technology has definitely been integral in our mission; it has let us shift focus back onto the things that really set us apart.

Interpretation management system for LSPs

Boostlingo interpretation management system (IMS) simplifies the management for onsite and remote interpretation services, all in one place.

  • Automate the scheduling process of interpretation services for onsite and remote appointments.
  • Customize communication workflows and connect all stakeholders on one easy-to-use platform.
  • Improve management with customizable reporting and analytics streamlining decision-making in real-time.
  • Manage your billing and invoicing in a central platform. Send invoices to clients and interpreters for review, comments, and approval in real-time. Integrate with QuickBooks to reduce time spent on accounting.
  • Customize your rate cards and interpreter pay for each client to meet the needs of your business. Set rate cards at the company level, then adjust them to the client, interpreter, and zone level as needed.

AI-captioning for language service providers

Boostlingo AI Pro converts spoken words to translated captions with AI. Use this internally or sell it directly to clients.

  • Caption and transcribe meetings instantly, capturing and annotating every word, even if spoken in different languages
  • Translate spoken content from one language to another instantly.
  • Prefer to hear the translations instead of reading them? Then AI Speech is a feature you’d like to turn on.
  • Get AI assistance for your interpreters with various tasks. Meeting note summaries to AI generated glossary, AI is integrated in every step.

Boostlingo AI Pro offers high-quality multilingual captions via AI speech recognition and AI translations. Effortlessly convert spoken words into written text with live captioning during meetings or conferences, enabling seamless communication across languages. Check out how it works!

boostlingo events logo

The big selling point with Boostlingo Events is that it was a seamless, easy to use platform.

Boostlingo Events

Boostlingo Events ensures engagement in any language, anywhere, with live interpretation for online meetings. Our platform, designed for global participation, offers special features like gallery view, screen sharing, multilingual presentations, and interpretation support.

  • Sell event interpretation to your clients using your interpreters or sourcing from our network.
  • Boostlingo Events is multilingual at every touchpoint including chat, polling, and translated presentations.
  • Accessibility options are available for sign language and captioning.
  • With support every step of the way, Boostlingo Events will help you sell a fully customized multilingual event for any size audience.

Learn more about Boostlingo ii

The Boostlingo ii platform offers language service providers enhanced interpreter management features, dynamic scheduling, and the ability to leverage on-demand remote interpreting.

Boostlingo Hub: Interpreter Network

Fill in gaps or scale your business with the Boostlingo Hub, a network of over 17,000 qualified interpreters delivering remote interpretation in over 300 languages and ASL. Expand offerings to customers with access to rare and indigenous languages and fill gaps with on-demand interpretation services.


State of AI in Language Services Report

The 38 page Boostlingo State of AI in Language Services 2023 Report provides a fresh view of the language industry’s perspective on Artificial Intelligence (AI), with a unique focus on the interpretation market.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, but there are a few steps that an LSP must take to be considered for a Boostlingo Hub partnership. First, LSP’s must use the Boostlingo platform and adhere to best practices. Next, LSP’s go through an evaluation process with our Language Access Department. If a good fit is determined, the LSP will sign a contract with Boostlingo to join the Hub.

Boostlingo IMS is an interpretation management system that provides several price options based on organization needs. The price of Boostlingo IMS varies based on the services and features you desire.

If you’re interested in more information, contact us for a free quote.

Boostlingo IMS is SOC 2 Type II compliant. Our interpretation management system employs stringent security measures to protect sensitive information. Some of these measures include:

  • Data encryption
  • Secure environment for interpreter
  • Strict confidentiality from interpreters
  • Proper disposal of notes
  • Regular security updates
  • Access controls to protect sensitive information

By adhering to these security measures and the principles outlined in our code of conduct, we strive to provide a secure and reliable language management platform that protects the sensitive information of all parties involved.