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A Boostlingo Case Study

iTek Interpreting Solutions

Became the #1 LSP in the Quad Cities area by using Boostlingo IMS and On-Demand

iTek Solutions Case Study


Since 2017, iTek has provided interpretation services for schools in the Quad Cities, aiding in language access for over 30 languages, including rare ones. With a personal connection to the immigrant community, iTek grew rapidly and expanded into healthcare. Remote interpreting has revolutionized their services, allowing instant customer-interpreter connections. Hector credits this tech and solid partnerships for iTek’s ability to offer affordable, high-quality services.

The Challenge

Despite a competitive market in 2017, Hector was confident he could grow iTek, leveraging his deep understanding of the interpreting market and remote interpreting technology. Together with his wife Denise, they tapped into the Boostlingo Hub network of interpreters. The challenge for Hector was to serve the diverse and evolving language needs of the Quad Cities communities and adapt to the increasing demand for interpretation services across various industries.

The Solution

Hector grew iTek quickly, using Boostlingo’s tech for remote interpreting, covering 300 languages without needing local hires. They saved costs, allowing lower prices than big competitors. The on-demand service provides instant access to interpreters through an app, which is crucial for healthcare and education clients. iTek, branded on the Boostlingo platform, became trusted in the community. Now, iTek is the top choice in the Quad Cities, offering great prices and high-quality services.

" “We are able to offer the lowest price and far more options, all with the love of Mom and Pop.” "

The Results

LSP in Quad Cities
Languages available
Revenue growth/year

For Hector, interpretation technology solutions are all about helping more people get access to better interpretation. His roots in the area and his family’s immigration story color every aspect of his growing business. “Our mission is helping people,” Vazquez said. “We want to provide a service for families that help the community and offer a reliable and user-friendly solution for a widespread but solvable challenge.”   

A trained interpreter with decades of experience, Hector goes out into the field to keep in touch with his customers even as he runs iTek’s day-to-day. Since its beginning in 2017, revenue at iTek has grown between 25% and 50% yearly. An extensive healthcare system in the region is the latest to partner with iTek to provide interpretation in ambulatory facilities throughout the metro area. Hector adds, “The interpreting technology has been integral in this process; it has enabled us to shift focus back onto the things that set us apart and show our value in the community.”    

Hector and his team have developed a reputation for quality, hands-on service while maintaining their ability to compete with more prominent, multinational language service providers. With remote solutions, iTek can be a modern interpretation solution while keeping prices affordable for customers like schools and health systems. On what comes next as iTek Interpreting Solutions rapidly expands in the Midwest, Hector said, “With the right partners and the right technology, the sky really is the limit.” 

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