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A Boostlingo Case Study

Language Service Provider ii

Quickly onboard onto Boostlingo ii to manage payroll and on-site services

LSPs using Boostlingo's interpreter management system to manage language services, payroll and billing.


After a rival bought their old service provider, a language service company in the Midwest sought a new management system to handle their services. They chose Boostlingo ii because they were thrilled with the quick and complete customer support they got when starting. Using this system made their work more efficient and better managed and made paying their interpreters easier. The LSP plans to grow using the system’s remote interpreting network and software.

The Challenge

Before using Boostlingo ii, the language service company had a big problem because a rival bought their old service system. They had to find a new, reliable system quickly to maintain their busy caseload of on-site work. Also, paying their interpreters took a lot of work and needed a more straightforward method. They were under pressure to quickly start using a new system. This situation made it clear they urgently needed an all-in-one, effective tool to manage their services.

The Solution

Using Boostlingo ii made the LSP work efficiently and deliver services more effectively. The features that can be changed to fit their needs, like setting up schedules, managing interpreters, and handling bills and payments, made their jobs easier. Onboarding went smoothly, letting the company continue to run smoothly. They plan to grow by using Boostlingo On-Demand later. The office manager, Shannan, said the custom help and training set them up for success.

"We had to integrate into II in a hurried, pressured, and panicked fashion. The II team was accommodating throughout, and we made the transition with bodes of confidence and plenty of assistance."

The Results

Onboard with personal plan
Run operations smoothly
Leverage on-demand


The implementation of Boostlingo ii resulted in substantial improvements in the Language Service Provider’s (LSP) operations and service delivery. The platform’s customizable features, especially in scheduling, interpreter management, invoicing, and payments, greatly simplified the LSP’s casework.   

The seamless transition to Boostlingo ii allowed the LSP to maintain smooth operations while planning for future growth through the potential utilization of on-demand services. Shannan, the Office Manager at the LSP, attributes their success to the personalized onboarding and training experience provided by the Interpreter Intelligence team, which solidified her loyalty to the platform. 

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