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A Boostlingo Case Study

Deaf Access Services

Cuts out manual scheduling and expands revenue with remote interpreting services


Deaf Access Services struggled with outdated scheduling software that required manual processes and lacked video remote interpreting integration. Switching to Boostlingo transformed their operations. The unified platform provided scheduling automation, eliminating tedious tasks. They could finally offer OPI and VRI services through the same system, expanding revenue streams. Boostlingo freed staff to focus on the nonprofit’s mission of serving the Deaf community rather than scheduling chaos.

The Challenge

DAS had advocated for the Deaf community since 1983, but their outdated scheduling system held them back. Manual processes drained resources as staff juggled spreadsheets and calls for hundreds of jobs. Their software needed OPI and VRI, job tracking, and reporting. They couldn’t continue this way and needed an integrated solution to automate operations, incorporate OPI and VRI, and refocus on their mission rather than drown in scheduling chaos. Modern software was crucial to transform.

The Solution

DAS found its solution in Boostlingo’s interpretation management system. Its unified platform consolidated on-site and remote services like VRI. Scheduling automation like auto-broadcasting eliminated manual tasks. Customizable rates tailored pricing per client. DAS saw how Boostlingo could streamline operations while opening new VRI/remote revenue streams. With Boostlingo’s experienced support, they transitioned smoothly, and comprehensive training unlocked the platform’s full potential.

"As a non-profit organization, the time we gain for our team to focus on other important aspects of our services, the more we can do and the better the services become."

The Results

Roster of interpreters
Revenue with OPI and VRI
Manual scheduling processes

Implementing Boostlingo’s interpretation management system proved transformative for Deaf Access Services. The time savings were immediate and impactful. 

Scheduling processes that previously monopolized staff time were now fully automated. No more juggling spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls to coordinate interpretation jobs. With auto-broadcasting and confirmations, interpreters logged in to view and accept assignments based on availability. 

The unified platform streamlined everything, from client requests to invoicing. Clients could seamlessly book on-site or video remote interpreting through the same system. This opened new revenue streams as DAS expanded its “menu” of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) services. 

Customizable configurations allowed tailoring rates for each client engagement. Quoting, billing, and invoicing were synced for maximum efficiency. And reporting capabilities provided valuable insights for analyzing operations. 

Director of Language Services, Jodie Chibi, recounted how they went “from having three huge filing cabinets full of paper confirmations.” The fully integrated system finally freed her team from disjointed manual processes. 

Most importantly, Boostlingo empowered DAS to reallocate resources toward their true mission – providing exceptional language services and support for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing community in New York. As Chibi summarized, “The more time we gain for our team, the better the services become.” 

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