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Boostlingo Records 60% ARR Growth in 2023, Aims to Expand Language Access

grow your LSP business with Boostlingo interpretation management system.

Austin, TX — February 27, 2024 – Language access software provider Boostlingo recorded a 60% year-over-year (YOY) increase in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in 2023. This growth positions the company to expand its technology platform, equipping language service providers (LSPs) with tools to thrive in the broader language services industry, valued at nearly $30 billion.

Boostlingo’s growth was driven by several factors, including key acquisitions in 2022 of Boostlingo ii (formerly Interpreter Intelligence) and Boostlingo Events (formerly VoiceBoxer), which experienced double-digit ARR growth. Additionally, the beta launch of their AI product in q3 2023 garnered over 1,000 registrations, demonstrating demand for AI-powered live captioning and translations across popular collaboration tools.

“Our growth wasn’t accidental,” shared Boostlingo’s Chief Revenue Officer, Merrie Wallace. “It’s driven by our dedicated Account Management team and our unprecedented 46% YOY net new customer logo growth.” The company focused on user satisfaction by reporting a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 60, indicating high levels of customer happiness and loyalty.

Boostlingo builds interpretation management technology for language service providers to help them grow and scale their interpreting business. It’s a strategy that has been a big part of the growth.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Boostlingo, Bryan Forrester, said, “Boostlingo continues to invest in its partner LSP community by providing the technology platform that enables LSP partners to capture new opportunities and thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. This includes managing language services, leveraging remote interpreting solutions, and helping them implement AI solutions.”

The company is also expanding its product offerings to cater to sectors impacted by language access laws, like healthcare and legal. Security remains a priority, with the recent achievement of SOC 2 Type II compliance and the ongoing pursuit of ISO certification. With the upcoming launch of Boostlingo AI Pro, the company will be able to offer its customers AI-translated captioning services.

Boostlingo is a leading provider of language access solutions and is well-positioned for continued growth in the years to come.


Morgan Teller

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About Boostlingo 

Boostlingo is a language access software and technology company based in Austin, TX. At Boostlingo, we believe in building innovative technology that empowers our customers and the people they serve to communicate without barriers and increase language access for all.

The Boostlingo platform includes video, phone, and on-demand interpreting,  the industry-leading interpreter management and scheduling technology for language service providers, remote simultaneous interpretation and video conferencing platform, and AI captioning and transcription.

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