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Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI)

Facilitate real-time language support with our on-demand OPI capabilities.

See How On-Demand Over-The-Phone Interpreting Works

Watch a free demo to see the most powerful subscription-based over-the-phone interpretation system in action.

Multi-device support

Browser calling and native mobile app support

IVR for phone lines

Customizable IVR menus to suit your clients’ needs

Intelligent routing

Industry-leading routing capabilities

Integrated analytics

Customized usage reports to optimize resources

Over-the-phone interpreting: how it works

Before COVID, 80% of interpretation sessions happened in person. Now, with the forever changed remote and hybrid environments, communication for interpretation services, have increased to 49%.


Expand access to interpreting with OPI

Many people use over-the-phone interpretation services as a crucial tool to fully communicate with one another without misinterpretation. Boostlingo specializes in providing these phone interpreting services to foster understanding and make it easier for many cultures to communicate with one another smoothly and effectively.


Quickly connect to a language professional

Another huge benefit of phone interpretation is quick connection times during emergencies (versus waiting for an on-site interpreter to make it to the scene). When you need immediate language assistance to overcome language barriers, over-the-phone interpreting is a great solution.


More accessibility to interpreters

OPI is affordable and easy to use. With phone interpretation, organizations improve communication with diverse communities, decrease wait times and miscommunications. Over-the-phone interpreting is an effective way to boost language access, increase productivity, and improve community interactions.

See How On-Demand Over-The-Phone Interpreting Works

Watch a free demo to see the most powerful subscription-based over-the-phone interpretation system in action.

On-Demand Calls

Connect your customers and professional interpreters instantly with Boostlingo On-Demand to ensure real-time language access, while maintaining control and oversight over your organization.

Pre-scheduled Calls

With a Boostlingo On-Demand subscription, preschedule over-the-phone interpreting requests with Boostlingo IMS. Allow your clients and interpreters to connect over the phone at a fraction of the cost of traditional onsite interpreting.

300 languages + ASL & Spanish interpreters

On the Boostlingo interpretation management system, you can connect with over 17,000 interpreters all over the globe. Our services are unparalleled, and thanks to our team’s in-depth expertise in the field, we can put you in touch with the most qualified interpreters to assist you and your company in overcoming language hurdles.

Our team has the best quality assurance processes in the field, including placing daily random quality assurance calls in the network to ensure interpreters are following the Boostlingo Hub code of conduct.

Within our subscription service, all languages are supported for OPI services offered on the Boostlingo platform. We even offer 24/7 support for 90 languages for on-demand phone interpreting including ASL and Spanish interpreting.

Check the Boostlingo Hub Supported Languages list for more information on the languages we support.

Industries that use over-the-phone interpreting

There is a large list of industries that require vocal communication and over-the-phone interpreting services. Given the increasing globalization of organizations’ customer bases and workforces, any company may benefit from incorporating OPI into their regular operations. Here are a few we support for OPI services:

Healthcare Icon

Healthcare facilities often keep a number with supported languages, for accurate interpretation for medical consultations.

Legal Icon
Legal interpreters on the platform must have three years of experience and 40 hours of training in the legal field.
Incorporate high-quality phone interpreting into parent-teacher meetings, school updates, or community activities.
For municipal meetings, community counseling, social work, or publicly funded services, OPI is a cost-effective choice.

The Boostlingo Hub

Get on-demand phone interpreters in 300+ languages. Can’t meet demand with in-house interpreters? Prioritize your interpreters but rely on the Boostlingo Hub as a fail-safe option to always serve your clients. Short connection times and qualified remote interpreters are just a click away.

Frequently asked questions

Phone interpreting is a language-based service that facilitates communication between individuals who speak different languages. Unlike on-site interpreting where the interpreter is physically present, it is an audio-only service that is usually conducted over a phone, computer, or tablet. Users can dial in on their chosen platform to acquire phone interpreter services, drop the call, and then call back again when assistance is needed.

Our Over the Phone Interpreting Services (OPI) that are delivered through our app. Once our platform is up and running, users can either pre-schedule an appointment with an interpreter or get in touch with one on demand. If on-demand interpretation is needed, all the user needs to do is make a request.

With the help of intelligent routing, users can be easily directed to the appropriate interpreter, ensuring fast, seamless, and secure communication! Plus, enjoy the flexibility of subscribing to our language access plan with no commitments.

With the help of intelligent routing, users can be easily directed to the appropriate interpreter, ensuring fast, seamless, and secure communication! Plus, enjoy the flexibility of subscribing to our language access plan with no commitments.

In reality, there is no such thing as a phone translator. The interpreting and translation professions are often confused as being the same. While the two may be related, they are separate professions. Translators work with the written word, converting important texts such as business contracts and legal documents from one language into another.

On the other hand, interpreters work with spoken and signed words. They are language professionals who facilitate real-time communication between individuals who do not speak the same language. Both translators and interpreters have expertise in preserving the original content’s tone, cultural nuance, and intended meaning. Often, when people say they need a phone translator, they mean they require a phone interpreter. While our subscription plans center on interpreters, we do have a separate service that focuses on document translation.

Based on the information from the Boostlingo Hub, our vast network comprises more than 17,000 proficient interpreters who cover a wide spectrum of over 300 languages spoken worldwide. 

This extensive network enables Boostlingo to ensure a reliable connection whenever on-demand calls are made through our platform. With a Boostlingo subscription, rest assured that you’ll have language support at any time and place! 

Over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) offers a significant cost advantage, particularly when compared to on-site interpreting. It’s an ideal choice for individuals and businesses seeking both short-term and long-term savings.

At Boostlingo, we prioritize understanding and supporting our clients. During discovery sessions, we delve into their usage frequency and specific requirements for expertise and languages. Our pricing structure is designed to be flexible, offering monthly subscriptions and per-minute rates that cater to different needs. Moreover, we offer rate reductions for larger customers, ensuring affordability and value.

It’s important to note that each type of interpreting service carries its own pricing considerations. As OPI is one of our core services at Boostlingo, our pricing is based on monthly subscriptions. This distinguishes it from pricing for customers seeking on-site interpreting services, which can significantly differ.

Yes, OPI is secure. Over the Phone interpreters are trained to prioritize confidentiality and discretion whenever they’re interacting with clients. Moreover, they’re required to adhere to a strict set of regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to ensure that sensitive information is kept confidential.

At Boostlingo, the HIPAA compliant interpreters in our network are required to comply with the Boostlingo Code of Conduct so rest assured that any information you provide will be safe and secure!

Absolutely! Boostlingo’s Over the Phone Interpreting services are designed to cater to clients wherever they may be. One of the main benefits of our services is that we offer unparalleled flexibility to our clients. Whether it’s an important business meeting or a small community gathering, our phone interpreters will always ensure smooth communication!
Yes, OPI is suitable for all mentioned settings and other scenarios with multi-lingual participants. Whether it’s a legal consultation, a medical emergency, or an important business meeting, OPI is an incredibly versatile language solution that can pave the way for effective communication.

If you’re interested on receiving more information on our OPI subscription service, you can schedule a demo with one of our sales representatives!