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What Happens in the First 13 Seconds for On-Demand Interpretation?

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Last year, Boostlingo transformed itself from being a one stop interpreting service company to an expansion of multiple interpreting services under one umbrella. This has come about to become a product of one to a product of multiple, servicing events, remote simultaneous interpretation and on-demand interpreting. As the demand for interpreters becomes a greater, Boostlingo launched Boostlingo On-Demand within the Interpreter Mangement App to offer on-demand interpretation within seconds.

Now you might be wondering, how does this work?

What is On-Demand Interpreting?

The Boostlingo solution for businesses wishing to add virtual interpretation to support diverse populations is called Boostlingo On-Demand. Interpretation services are in high demand across all industries in the modern, globalizing world. On-demand interpretation is seeing steady development thanks to the epidemic, which has expedited its almost two decades of success. Since its inception, Boostlingo has been a pioneer in translating technology, and we built Boostlingo OnDemand to satisfy this expanding need.

Our team has created tailored features to assist companies in adjusting to the new virtual interpretation landscape in order to meet expanding online demands such as multi-user video conferencing, secure medical interpretation, virtual court interpretation, and more.

4 Ways to Access Our Pool of Certified Interpreters

Boostlingo has a collection of qualified interpreters that service over 300 languages so we are able to guarantee not only instant interpretation depending on the language, but we can also guarantee that our interpreters are certified for any specific field that you wish to have, meaning anywhere from legal to medical to even educational services. With our product being the most modern interpretation software today, we have created four ultimate ways for you as a client to access our pool of certified interpreters for instant interpretation.

Browser Interface

Our browser interface works perfectly for industries like medical and legal, this is the most popular for clients that use our platform for office visits. Our browser platform is the most popular for enterprise businesses, with its innovative sleek design and easy to use user experience, it’s extensively our main channel of access that we advise our clients to go through.


In today’s age, applications via phones and tablets have been increasingly successful and a great way to any business around the world to connect with their audience and clientele. Boostlingo has adopted this to help expand the user find a qualified interpreter in seconds.

Our app which is device diagnostic and able to be accessed through phones, tablets, and even computer-based applications. This requires device needs to support newer applications.

Zoom Integration

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses have altered their professional conduction through remote settings which means Zoom calls and other forms of remote communication has become extensively popular. This allows companies to communicate with anyone across the world.

Our innovative product integrates seamlessly with the Zoom platform, making it easy to add an interpretation feature to the meeting.

Phone Number

Our most universal way of helping our clients connect with an instant interpreter is via phone. What we do is supply a phone number for you to use so you can instantly connect with an interpreter. The best news is that it takes just the same amount of time to connect with an interpreting as it does via browser or app! This is most popular in call centers and areas such as that.

Does It Really Take 13 Seconds to Connect for On-Demand Interpretation?

While Boostlingo has a pool of 17,000 interpreters servicing over 300 languages, it all depends on the demand and the requested language.

For example, Spanish is one of the top spoken languages in the world. Connecting with a Spanish interpreter will take less than 13 seconds due to the demand for Spanish interpretation services. A language like Urdu, the native language of Pakistan, will take a bit more time to be connected to an interpreter.

The Process

Since using our web interface—the most common way to use our on-demand interpreting services—is the most popular method, we will discuss this example from that perspective.

When you sign into your interpreter management browsing platform, the telephone symbol is located in the top right corner. By clicking it, a second form appears in the bottom right corner of your browser. With this, you may choose between scheduling an interpreting session or selecting an interpreter on demand. You may choose the one you want, the language you want, the area where you require interpretation, and it will take you to the pre-call information form where you must fill it out.

Your name (or ID number) is the only field that has to be filled out on the pre-call form. The first available interpreter is immediately connected by the platform. As we previously mentioned, it can take a few more seconds to connect with some people depending on the language. Urdu would take a little longer than that, however Spanish would be an instant connection.

The interpreter management platform immediately connects to your interpreter in a manner much to the way uber drivers pick up trips. The capability to see who is requesting gives the translators the ability to instantly connect with you. The on-demand platform actually keeps your translator after your session is over, just in case you become disconnected or want to get in touch with them again.

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