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Boostlingo for Education

Our language access platform is tailored to support educators.

Language Translation for Education

Customizable Options

Schedule in-person, over-the-phone, or video remote calls with qualified education interpreters using any device.

Flexible Pricing

Provide cost-effective interpretation services to students. With Boostlingo, pay only for the minutes you need.

Expand Access

Meet the needs of students and families no matter what language they speak.

Sign Language

Offer sign language interpreting or AI captioning for ADA students.

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I was just on a call with a WONDERFUL interpreter. She understood me, the student and parents. She was professional and the conversation was flawless.

Boostlingo On-Demand simplifies educational interpretation.

For parents and guardians who speak a different language than teachers and staff, routine communications are challenging. With a user-friendly interface, teachers, administrators, and families can easily connect with professional interpreters for:

  • Day-to-day administrative needs
  • Parent-teacher conference interpretation
  • Access to sign language interpreters
  • School board meetings
  • Conversations with the school nurse
  • Special education planning

At Boostlingo, we place a strong emphasis on security and privacy. All interactions on our platform are encrypted and secure, ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Our qualified interpreters adhere to strict ethical standards, guaranteeing impartiality, accuracy, and professionalism, making Boostlingo the perfect language service solution for educational settings.

See Boostlingo On-Demand in Action:

Watch our product video to see just how easy it is to connect to a qualified education interpreter on Boostlingo On-Demand!
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Boostlingo helped us to level the playing field. The ability to customize everything, setup, track, and manage everything in one place is awesome.

Efficient education interpreting on Boostlingo IMS.

Boostlingo IMS is a swift and efficient educational interpretation management service designed for administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Our user-friendly platform offers seamless communication for key events like parent-teacher conferences, school meetings, and events. With IMS you can:

  • Automate your scheduling process: remove administrative burdens from your scheduling team
  • Manage your staff and contracted interpreters in one place: end-to-end management of your scheduling process through one pane of glass
  • Maximize utilization: prioritize routing to your staff interpreters while having a fail-safe backup of a vast network of qualified interpreters
  • Quickly connect to interpreters: with on-demand options and the flexibility to schedule virtual or in-person interpreters in advance.
  • Deliver interpretation appointments effortlessly: all centralized in one convenient location.

See Boostlingo IMS in action

Managing an entire district of interpreters for your school systems doesn’t have to be a headache. With Boostlingo IMS, you can automate your appointments, track your scheduling, manage your interpreters, and add virtual/remote sessions all in one place. Watch our video to learn more!
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126 sessions, with 29 interpreters from 8 countries all streamed to YouTube with Boostlingo Events.

Boostlingo Events for education

Set up simultaneous interpretation for school board meetings, graduation ceremonies, PTO meetings, and school assemblies that require presenting or speaking to groups with two or more languages present.

Boostlingo Events empowers school districts to provide an immersive multilingual experience at every touch point:

  • Localized UI
  • Multilingual chat and slide presentation capabilities
  • Bidirectional interpreting
  • Audience engagement tools
  • Use your simultaneous interpreters or tap into our global network

AI Captioning and Translations for Education

Convert spoken words into written text, translatable into 130+ languages with Boostlingo AI Pro for school students who are hard of hearing or families of students who speak a foreign language.

Transforming Community Support Programs
Elevating community support school programs is essential for nurturing an inclusive and vibrant environment that extends its benefits beyond students and staff, but also to the students’ families.
Harness the power of a robust real-time translation tool that underscores the importance of embracing diversity within school programs while enabling active participation from individuals of all cultural backgrounds for:

  • Joining parent-teacher meetings
  • Comprehending assignments
  • Engaging in school activities
  • Accessibility for hard of hearing

Fast Turnaround for Transcriptions
Usually, language service departments in universities rely on human translators, which can take several days to transcribe and translate daily lesson materials based on their length.

However, by utilizing Boostlingo AI Pro, your department can make transcripts of meetings and lessons available for download within minutes right after each class wraps up!

Engage Hard of Hearing Students in Real Time
Elevate real-time engagement with our AI caption translation tool. Transform lectures and discussions into inclusive experiences, ensuring full participation and comprehension for students with hearing impairments.
This is particularly valuable in subjects where language barriers can impede comprehension of complex concepts.

Educational interpreters on Boostlingo Hub.

At Boostlingo, we have a network of interpreters called the Boostlingo Hub giving you access to over 17,000 qualified interpreters. We meticulously screen and train all our educational interpreters to ensure they are qualified and proficient in delivering top-notch services to students and teachers.


Las Cruces Public Schools Case Study

Discover how Las Cruces Public Schools integrated immigrant families speaking languages they didn’t cover with remote interpreting through Boostlingo.

Frequently asked questions

Boostlingo provides an extensive range of remote interpreter services, including ASL interpretation, through video and over-the-phone interpreting.


Communication with international students

Many higher education facilities have a diverse student body, including students from different countries who may have English as a second language. Accurate interpretation ensures that these students can fully participate in classes, discussions, and other academic activities, without language barriers hindering their understanding.

Effective communication with faculty and staff

Accurate interpretation ensures that faculty and staff can effectively communicate with students and colleagues who may have different language backgrounds or communication styles. This can improve productivity, reduce misunderstandings, and create a more inclusive environment.

Compliance with legal requirements

In some cases, higher education facilities may be required by law to provide interpretation services for students with disabilities or for those who speak a language other than English. Accurate interpretation ensures compliance with these legal requirements.

Improved reputation

Higher education facilities that prioritize accurate interpretation can create a positive reputation for themselves as inclusive and welcoming institutions. This can lead to increased enrollment and improved retention rates for international students.

Focused on language solutions, our goal is to increase accessibility to classroom content. We provide accurate document translation for students and parents in their preferred language. Whether it’s homework or a school project, we make sure to give you all the right tools to succeed!