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A Unified Cloud-Based Platform

Boostlingo streamlines interpretation and translation tasks from scheduling on-site interpreters, on-demand over-the-phone and video remote interpreting sessions, event interpreting and translations, AI captioning and more! With Boostlingo, you’ll find access to all your language needs with a unified product suite.
On Demand

Provide virtual on-demand interpretation with quality interpreters over-the-phone or with video.

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Manage your interpretation services, automate workflows, and host on-demand interpreting calls.

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Host multilingual events onsite, virtually, or hybrid using remote simultaneous interpreters.

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AI Pro

Convert spoken word into written translated text using the power of AI.

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See the power of our unified solution for interpretation, translation, and language access

Communicate without barriers with the Boostlingo product suite. Get in touch with our team today to experience the powerful, easy, and user-friendly platform.

Human Interpretation

Boostlingo offers access to over 17k human interpreters in over 300 languages. Our interpreter network consists of qualified HIPAA compliant interpreters with certifications in all types of industries. These interpreters connect to on-demand or pre-scheduled over-the-phone and video interpreting sessions and events.

Over-the-phone Interpreting

Boostlingo’s subscription-based over-the-phone interpretation system offers:

  • 13 second average response time
  • 24/7 support
  • Integration with Zoom, Teams, Webex, and more
  • Voice recognition

Video Remote Interpreting

Boostlingo’s subscription-based video remote interpretation system offers:

  • High-definition video
  • Secure end-to-end encryption
  • Call rating system
  • Web and mobile support (iOS and Android)
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Interpretation Services for Multilingual Events

Boostlingo offers human interpreters for real-time simultaneous interpretation services for:

  • Virtual events
  • Hybrid events
  • On-site meetings
  • Conferences
  • Trainings and other events

AI Translation

Boostlingo converts spoken word into written translated text using the power of AI. No matter what language your audience speaks, our AI technology helps you communicate without barriers. AI features include captioning and transcription, speech translation, and event translations.

AI captioning and transcriptions

Convert spoken words into written text, translatable into 130 languages with our AI powered captioning tool. Meeting transcripts are ready for download within minutes after your session ends.

AI Speech Translation

Boostlingo AI Pro converts spoken words into other spoken languages using innovative speech-to-speech technology. Words spoken are audibly interpreted into other languages in real-time.

AI for Multilingual Events

Offer precise AI captioning for seamless event translation and transcription. This budget-friendly multilingual translation solution is ideal for webinars, conferences, and global meetings.

Interpreter Management System

Boostlingo’s interpretation management system (IMS) unifies all interpretation administrative tasks in an easy-to-use platform. Manage appointments, coordinate face-to-face interpreter sessions, schedule and deliver remote on-demand interpretation requests, manage interpreting business communications, and billing.

Scheduling made simple

  • Onsite interpreter scheduling
  • Connect to remote interpreters
  • Mobile & web support
  • Priority staff interpreters
  • Quickbooks & Stripe integrated
  • HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, & GDPR compliant

On-demand interpretation services

Boostlingo IMS includes a fully integrated on-demand platform for over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) and video remote interpretation (VRI) sessions.

Billing & Invoicing with Boostlingo

Our interpretation system helps language service providers book more appointments, saving administrative time. Data syncs with Quickbooks, Stripe, and other billing systems for effortless invoicing.

Rate Management with Boostlingo IMS

Customize your interpreting services rate cards and interpreter payments for each client to meet the needs of your business. Rate and payment systems integrate seamlessly with billing and invoicing systems.

Boostlingo Hub: The Interpreter Network

Subscribing to Boostlingo gives you unlimited access to the Boostlingo Hub. Hub interpreters have at least three years of experience, medical and legal interpreters have specialized training and qualifications. Through the Boostlingo Hub, you can expand your language team just in time to serve more clients.