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Government Language Interpreters

Meet accessibility demands and equitably serve diverse communities.

Language Translation for Government


Communicate effectively with diverse communities with access to interpretation for over 300 supported languages.


Access high-quality, on-demand and scheduled interpretation services in a timely and cost-effective way.


Comply with language access laws, like Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, with equal access to services and information.

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Join other public agencies who are procuring interpretation technology and services through GovMVMT. Learn more about the benefits here.

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I love that I can have a response ASAP. This service increases our capacity and ensures we're serving our refugee clients with dignity and respect.

Boostlingo On-Demand offers interactive interpreting to strengthen community outreach.

Community Outreach and Engagement

Boostlingo On-Demand provides easy access to interpreters to engage in real-time through video remote interpreting (VRI) or over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) to reach and connect with constituents on a more personal level. On-demand interpretation can be used in many government settings such as:

  • Public Health
  • Immigration Services
  • Social Services
  • Court Interpreting
  • Emergency-based services
  • Natural disaster services
  • Public libraries
  • Government housing
  • Education
  • Tourist communication

Language Access Services

Government agencies have a legal obligation to provide language access services to individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP). Boostlingo On-Demand offers on-demand interpretation services in over 300 languages with qualified interpreters specifically trained for government-related topics such as legal proceedings, education, social services, and more. Use the app on any device such as desktop, mobile – iOS or Android.

Expand language access in an affordable manner with a subscription to Boostlingo On-Demand.

Boostlingo On-Demand to Serve the Public.

Build stronger, more connected communities with Boostlingo.

Join leading government agencies to revolutionize communication and foster inclusivity with Boostlingo’s advanced language solutions. Schedule a demo to see how we can meet your needs.

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Thanks to Boostlingo Events we were able to live interpret her majesty, the Queen of Denmark, into German during her state visit. - Danish Embassy

Host virtual town halls and public meetings.

Boostlingo Events facilitates virtual town halls and public meetings, allowing government officials to engage directly with constituents in real-time with simultaneous interpretation. With support for live government interpretation and translation services, agencies can ensure that all participants, regardless of language proficiency, can participate.

Our platform allows you to communicate in many foreign languages at once using simultaneous interpretation. You can provide interpreters for as many languages as you need using our multilingual virtual events platform. With the scalability of Boostlingo Events, providing national translating and interpreting services is easy to do.

Our multilingual chat function enables participants to actively engage and ask questions, ensuring that all voices are heard and understood, regardless of language barriers.

Are you looking for language support for a school system or other educational facility?

Boostlingo helps educators and administrators communicate without barriers, ensuring that every voice in your community is heard and understood.

The interpreting technology has been integral in our mission; it’s enabled us to focus on what sets us apart and shows our value in the community.

Manage and schedule existing interpreter resources.

If you are a municipality with language access department, Boostlingo IMS is an interpreting management system that helps you to manage onsite and remote interpretation services, all in one place.

Boostlingo IMS incorporates automation into your scheduling process to save time when broadcasting and confirming jobs without any extra effort or manual time-consuming processes.

Powered by intelligent routing, Boostlingo technology allows you to decrease costs by leveraging your own pool of interpreter resources to take on-demand calls. This helps you to maximize existing bilingual resources and use Boostlingo’s interpreter network to fill in the gaps with our 17,000 qualified interpreters as a fail-safe backup.

Are you looking for language support during legal communications?

Boostlingo’s language services include certified court interpreters to support legal proceedings, enabling effective communication between legal professionals, witnesses, and clients with limited English proficiency.

Use AI translations for local government meetings.

Boostlingo AI Pro is our AI-driven platform providing real-time translation and captioning services, enabling instant communication during multilingual meetings, conferences, and public events. AI Pro offers enhanced accessibility with live captioning, speech-to-text and speech-to-speech features. Boostlingo ensures accessibility for diverse communities that include non-English speakers and individuals with hearing disabilities, promoting inclusivity and compliance with accessibility standards.

Boostlingo AI Pro seamlessly integrates with existing government communication systems, including video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, ensuring smooth sessions and minimal disruption to workflow.

Interpreter Network to expand reach

Whether you’re looking for a court certified interpreter or someone to translate government documents into Spanish, the Boostlingo Hub gives access to gov translation services you need. Using intelligent routing, we route you to qualified government interpreters in our network of over 17,000 language professionals.

Frequently asked questions

Community interpreters typically work with immigrants, migrants, and refugees who need assistance navigating public services. They are usually present in police stations, immigration offices, educational settings, and other areas where cross-cultural communication is persistent.

Court interpreters ensure the fair and accurate exchange of information in legal settings. They have a strong understanding of legal processes and can reconstruct messages that contain complex terminologies with ease. Court interpreters are important for limited English proficient individuals since they enable them to fully participate in legal proceedings, trial courts and more.

Court and diplomatic interpreters are the best fit for government-related communications. These types of interpreters have undergone specialized training in judicial settings and display subject matter expertise in government-related terminology and procedures.

Remote interpretation may not fully replicate the value provided by on-site interpreting but is a worthy investment nonetheless. As long as the interpreter who is facilitating the discussion is skilled, quality interpretation can be delivered regardless of modality.

A good mix of on-site and remote interpreters is recommended for government offices. In case your staff interpreters are loaded, having remote interpreters within reach will increase the number of consultations, hearings, and appointments that your office can accommodate.

Flexibility and ease of access are the two main benefits provided by remote court interpreters. With a stable internet connection, professionals in government and judicial offices can quickly get in touch with an interpreter of their chosen language at any time and place.

This benefit is especially useful for firms, office, and court systems that are located in rural areas where access to language services is limited. Instead of paying for an interpreter’s travel expenses or going to nearby a city to source an on-site contracted interpreter, remote interpretation can eliminate this gap altogether.