What is the BPIN?

In 2017 we began developing a network of language service providers who employ interpreters to support the Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network. This global network is comprised of partnerships between Boostlingo and a group of language service companies to provide coverage for the video interpretation and voice interpretation calls placed through the Boostlingo platform.

Today, this network of interpreters includes 10,000 professional interpreters representing over 300 global languages. Because of these partnerships, Boostlingo is able to guarantee a connection when on-demand calls are placed through the platform.

A woman access her schedule for interpretation sessions scheduled by her language service provider on her tablet with the click of a button.
Scale your language service company overnight with the BPIN

Do you serve rural areas or have clients requesting languages of lesser diffusion? Rather than having to pay for travel or staff a full-time interpreter, you can augment your offerings with global virtual interpreters.

When your client tries to connect with an interpreter, Boostlingo can route first to your interpreting staff, and then to the BPIN if no one is available to answer the call.

Virtual interpreters can help you book more clients who may have been out of reach for your staff alone.