Medical Interpreting Services By Boostlingo

Interpretation Platform

Improve language support and patient access with better medical interpreting.

97% of physicians reported treating at least some patients who have difficulty understanding English.

In medical emergencies or routine care, clear communication is a must for achieving great patient outcomes and provider satisfaction. Plus, in most countries, language support is a civil right mandated by law. With those facts in mind, Boostlingo has built medical interpretation options for your team

Improve patient outcomes with VRI options.

VRI support helps healthcare providers get connected to interpreters when onsite interpretation services may not be the most efficient or affordable option.

Boostlingo’s advanced VRI system seamlessly connects Limited English Proficiency Patients with medical interpreters quickly and securely. Access to professionally qualified medical interpreters improves the patient experience and helps with quality control.

Boostlingo VRI sessions can dramatically reduce costs by shortening interpretation durations with effective communication that is contextually very similar to onsite support while also eliminating wait times and potentially high travel expenses.

Medical interpreter talks to a provider in a patient setting with a tablet.
medical interpreter talks to a patient and doctor via laptop

Add interpretation to your telehealth solutions with Boostlingo virtual medical interpretation.

Our Open API allows our interpretation technology to nest inside of your larger health technology infrastructure. During onboarding, we work with your team to connect your applications free of charge.

83% of patients expect to use telehealth after the pandemic.

Patients want more telehealth, especially for routine appointments like medication refills.

Safe, secure and compliant

The Boostlingo platform is fully HIPAA and JCAHO compliant and interpreters available via the Boostlingo network are required to take 40 hours of medical coursework and maintain their individual HIPAA compliance training.

We perform random audits quarterly to make sure your patients are getting the best of the best and that their health data is protected.

Doctor using Boostlingo app