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A Boostlingo Case Study

Canadian Pediatric Hospital

Solves Interpretation Challenges by Adding On-Demand Interpreting with Boostlingo


The Canadian Pediatric Hospital had challenges providing care for its diverse patients because of language barriers. The hospital staff looked for on-demand interpretation technology that could help right away. They chose Boostlingo, which made it easier to help patients who speak different languages.

The Challenge

The hospital needed help communicating with diverse patients because of language barriers. Before, they used staff interpreters and outside agencies for in-person and remote language support. You often had to book these services weeks ahead, but they were sometimes unavailable or canceled at the last minute. This made it difficult for patients to communicate with providers and staff. It also put a financial strain on the hospital, which had to pay additional fees for cancellations.

The Solution

The hospital solved its problem by adding Boostlingo for on-demand interpretation services. Before, families drove hours for appointments but sometimes had no interpreter. Now, with Boostlingo On-Demand, the hospital connects with medical interpreters available in 300+ languages whenever needed. They mostly use phone interpreting, making sure there are interpreters at every step of the patient’s experience. On-demand helps improve patient experience, costs, and staff workload.

"The time to connect to an interpreter, the ease of use of the app and the phone, and just how much more service and quality we're providing for that, there is no comparison."

The Results

Reduce language complaints
More services, same budget

Boostlingo has truly transformed the patient experience at Pediatric Children’s Hospital. Including an on-demand interpretation partner in their care plan has provided them with seamless access to interpreter support whenever needed. This has ensured that language is never a barrier to treatment. Christina, Manager of Patient Experience, acknowledged that while remote interpreting may have its challenges, the benefits of Boostlingo far outweigh the downsides, ensuring uncompromised care for every patient. This seamless access to interpreters has made the hospital feel more connected and inclusive, enhancing the care experience.     

On-demand interpretation has dramatically improved patient experience and relieved the hospital’s physicians and clinicians. The hospital has reduced its language complaints since Boostlingo integrated into its operations. Christina shared, “Informally, I used to get at least 5 to 6 weekly complaints before Boostlingo. Now, I have had 3 in the past seven months.”     

Boostlingo’s on-demand interpretation solutions have not only improved patient care and language services workflow at the children’s hospital, but they have also empowered staff. Christina emphasized the cost-effectiveness of Boostlingo, stating, “We can now provide more services to more places with the same budget as before, thanks to Boostlingo.” This recognition of Boostlingo as an integral part of its operations has given staff confidence, as they can now easily access a broad network of qualified medical interpreters. 

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