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A Boostlingo Case Study

Northern Nevada HOPES

Improved language access plan and provider experience with Boostlingo On-Demand.

improving LEP patient care and provider experience with on-demand interpretation


Northern Nevada HOPES is an FQHC providing primary care and pharmacy health services. They needed a better way to communicate with patients with limited English proficiency. At first, they used bilingual staff and university services, which was costly and complicated. Jerry Trigueros, VP of Patient Services, realized they needed a better solution as they grew. They looked for quick, affordable services that offered good reporting. Jerry picked Boostlingo for these reasons.

The Challenge

As an FQHC, they must offer affordable services to everyone. The health center was growing, and their community experienced an influx of refugees who relied on NNHOPES for healthcare. HOPES used bilingual staff and a local university for interpretation services to communicate with patients who had limited English proficiency (LEP) or were refugees. This approach was risky and expensive. It stretched their resources thin as demand grew and removed staff from their existing responsibilities.

The Solution

Northern Nevada HOPES now uses Boostlingo On-Demand to quickly connect with medical interpreters, maximizing their 20-minute patient visits. The pricing structure fit their needs, making it more affordable. They also access vital data on language service usage, crucial for grants and understanding needs. Boostlingo has transformed how they deliver language services, helping them better serve LEP and refugee patients by creating a welcoming environment and efficiently meeting their needs.

"“With Boostlingo, we’re able to connect with an interpreter for a majority of our languages in seconds. It’s just perfect from an operational perspective.” "

The Results

Average response time
Languages available
Minute LEP patient visits

Boostlingo helped Northern Nevada HOPES transform the delivery and management of language services–helping their providers spend more time with LEP patients while saving costs for the organization. 

When they recently experienced an influx of refugee patients, Northern Nevada HOPES met their needs and made the health center a welcoming environment. With Boostlingo, they’re able to connect with an interpreter for a majority of their languages in seconds. It’s perfect from an operation perspective. Jerry shared, “We have refugee patients who are coming in. What can we do to make this a welcoming environment and also be able to meet the needs of the patient today? Language does that. Boostlingo does that.” 

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