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A Boostlingo Case Study

Gold Skin Care

Saved $12,000 annually on interpretation services and improved internal workflows

gold skin care case study


Gold Skin Care significantly improved its interpretation services using Boostlingo technology. This change allowed them to use existing tablets for interpreting instead of just phone-equipped rooms, which had caused bottlenecks before. They also saved about $12,000 annually by buying a block of hours each month. With Boostlingo On-Demand, the staff at Gold Skin Care were happier, patient care was smoother, and they experienced higher return rates with limited English proficiency (LEP) patients.

The Challenge

Before Boostlingo On-Demand, Gold Skin Care needed help with its phone interpreting service, which slowed down its work. They could only use rooms with phones for patients needing interpretation, causing delays and extra costs per call. Also, the COO, Chris Bergstrom, noticed they could use their tablets, which the medical staff already had, to record patient information. The current system did not suit the fast-paced environment at their practice.

The Solution

By adding Boostlingo On-Demand, Gold Skin Care significantly improved its operations and cost efficiency. They removed an existing bottleneck by allowing all staff and providers to access phone and video interpretation services from any device. The friendly, qualified medical interpreters improved communication between staff and LEP patients. Quick connection times and a friendly user interface made the platform accessible for the staff to adopt.

"Boostlingo is literally the click of 2 buttons on a tablet, and you have access to an interpreter. In a fast-paced environment, that was the key to making sure Boostlingo was the best fit for us. Our staff could also carry a little cheat sheet with steps to access the system."

The Results

5 Year Cost Savings
LEP Patient Follow-Ups
Staff and Patient Experience

After implementing Boostlingo, Gold Skin Care transformed its language services. Their workflows were more efficient, and they saved money. The online interpreting service lets staff connect with interpreters from any room using tablets, making patient visits smoother and staff happier. The change to a subscription package saved the clinic about $12,000 a year. Also, more than 80% of patients with limited English proficiency return for most visits, a surprisingly higher rate than patients who don’t need language services. 

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