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Interpretation Management System

Management for onsite and remote interpretation services, all in one place.

Simplify scheduling

Automate the scheduling process of interpretation services for onsite and remote appointments.

Better communication

Customize communication workflows and connect all stakeholders on one easy-to-use platform.

Improved management

Improve management with customizable reporting and analytics streamlining decision-making in real-time.

On-demand services

Leverage remote interpreting with your own interpreters and rely on the Boostlingo Hub to fill in the gaps.

Boostlingo IMS: A Unified Approach

An interpretation management solution that thousands of organizations are using to simplify and automate the day-to-day coordination and management of language services. Unlock time. Unlock growth potential for your team.


Powerful, simple automation to save time

Boostlingo IMS for scheduling is as powerful as your need to grow. By incorporating automation into your scheduling process, you’ll save time when broadcasting and confirming jobs, without any extra effort or manual time-consuming processes. That’s the right way to free up administrators.

On-Demand Interpreting

Leverage the power of remote interpreting

By adding Boostlingo On-Demand to your services, you can fill in more appointments with over the phone and video remote interpreting. And rely on the Boostlingo Hub to fill in gaps or to scale your operations. It’s an easy way to grow.

INtelligent routing

Expand access and improve utilization

Powered by intelligent routing, Boostlingo technology allows our customers to decrease costs by leveraging their own pool of interpreter resources to take on-demand calls. This helps language service providers (LSPs) and healthcare providers optimize margins and use priority routing to build their pool of resources over time.


Manage all billing in a single platform

Instead of chasing down signatures and manually organizing paperwork, manage your billing and invoicing in a central platform. Send invoices to clients and interpreters for review, comments, and approval in real-time. Integrate with QuickBooks to reduce time spent on accounting.

Rate Management

Tailor rates to drive growth

Customize your rate cards and interpreter pay for each client to meet the needs of your business. Set rate cards at the company level, then adjust them to the client, interpreter, and zone level as needed.

Are you a hospital or health system looking to revamp delivery of interpretation services?

Improve speed to care, enable health equity, and expand your reach with Boostlingo IMS. Unlock the benefits of partnering with the most powerful language access technology on the market.

A customizable interpreter management system.

We understand not every system can perfectly fit the way your business operates. That’s what makes Boostlingo unique.

Work with a high caseload of onsite appointments. Do you need specific customization for your rate plans? Instead of finding workarounds or other solutions, Boostlingo can customize your IMS to fit the needs of your business. Update scheduling, rate management, and more, so you always have a platform that saves your team time and helps your business grow.

Are you a Learning Service Provider interested in becoming a partner?

Set your organization up for future success. Unlock the benefits of partnering with the most powerful language access technology on the market.

See Boostlingo IMS platform in action.

Tired of the chaos and manual effort of managing a language services program? Streamline your services with Boostlingo IMS. Automate scheduling, monitor real-time performance, and manage billing effortlessly. Customize to fit your needs and expand services with remote interpreting. Watch our video to learn more.

Boostlingo Hub: Interpreter Network

Fill in gaps or scale your business with the Boostlingo Hub. Start offering customers access to rare languages and on-demand interpretation services.

Boostlingo IMS Integrations

Connect to your favorite apps. With these integrations, you can connect with the tools that make the most sense for your business. Boostlingo IMS is a centralized tool with a secure API to manage data transfers across multiple systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rate Management
Its adaptable rate card structure allows you to tailor client billing and interpreter pay rates to each task. Rates can be set at the system, account, and appointment levels. At the press of a button, you may send an invoice to your clients. Invoices may be reviewed, commented on, and approved in real time by clients and interpreters.

Produce executive summary reports for your clients, monitor interpreter pay rates, generate capacity planning reports for your interpreting pool, and much more.

Quickbooks Integration
With native QuickbooksTM Integration, your language service company’s accounting operations become even more cohesive. Appointment information, hours, and fees may be incorporated into an invoice to ease invoicing and reduce administrative work.

Yes! With our white label option, Boostlingo runs the platform, but your brand is what clients engage with when you choose our white label option. When you log into Boostlingo your customer portal and app will display your brand.

Yes! With our white label option, Boostlingo runs the platform, but your brand is what clients engage with when you choose our white label option. When you log into Boostlingo your customer portal and app will display your brand.

An IMS allows your organization to integrate and consolidate various systems and processes: interpreter scheduling, interpreter & client communications, workforce management, and financial management. With an IMS, you only need one system to do everything for your interpretation business.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Team Productivity
  • Customization
  • Improved communication and Automation
  • Analytics
  • Privacy & Security

Boostlingo IMS provides several price options based on your specific needs. The number of languages you need access to, the number of users, the frequency and duration of your sessions, and the degree of assistance you require are all factors that may influence the cost of our interpreting management system.

If you’re interested in more information, contact us for a free quote.

Our interpretation management system employs stringent security measures to protect sensitive information. Some of these measures include:

  1. Data encryption
  2. Secure environment for interpreters
  3. Strict confidentiality from interpreters
  4. Proper disposal of notes
  5. Regular security updates
  6. Access controls to protect sensitive information
  7. SOC 2 Type II compliant

By adhering to these security measures and the principles outlined in our code of conduct, we strive to provide a secure and reliable language management platform that protects the sensitive information of all parties involved.

Absolutely! Boostlingo IMS is designed to be a versatile and adaptive solution for various industries with different requirements. We understand that each organization may have unique needs and preferences, which is why our platform can be customized to align with your specific goals and operational processes.

Here are three examples of businesses that have customized the Boostlingo IMS platform to their needs:

  • Language Service Providers
  • Court Systems
  • Healthcare Systems