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Boostlingo Hub: Pre-scheduled Assignment Request Form

When to Preschedule:

  • Boostlingo recommends prescheduling an interpretation session if the target language is listed as Preschedule Recommended on the Boostlingo Hub Supported Languages List. Don’t see the language you are looking for? Please submit language requests/suggestions to [email protected]
  • The interpretation session will last more than 1.5 hours;
  • The interpreter is required to sign a document in advance;
  • The session requires a specialized skillset, for example:
    • ASL legal subject matter
    • Court interpretation

Two (2) interpreters for ASL may be required for sessions over 1 hour in duration, sessions with specialized subject matter or delivery requirements. Please feel free to check in with the LAD team for advice and best practices.

How to Preschedule:

  • You must be a Boostlingo partner to request a prescheduled interpretation session. (Not sure if you are an active partner? Submit an inquiry to Boostlingo. 
  • Complete the Prescheduled Assignment Request Form. Please note that the prescheduled interpretation sessions between the hours of 8 am-8pm EST on weekdays require 2 business days lead time. Requests for prescheduled interpretation sessions outside of business hours require 1 business week lead time.

Please Note: Requesting a prescheduled interpretation session does not guarantee that an interpreter will be confirmed.

Billing and Cancellation Policies:

Billing Rates

Prescheduled ASL (American Sign Language)

  • Non-legal – (8am-8pm EST M-F): $1.65/min
  • Nights and weekends/holidays: $1.95/min
  • CDI or Legal ASL: $2.50/min*need to be on a professional or enterprise plan to access CDI or Legal

Prescheduled Spoken: $1.20/min

Prescheduled US-based Spoken – $1.60/min

Prescheduled Indigenous Language (Mexico and Guatemala) to Spanish: $1.20/min

Prescheduled Indigenous Language Relay (Mexico and Guatemala): $2.30 /min

Same Day Requests Rates: (if the time from submission to the time of appt is less than 2 business days)

  • Prescheduled ASL: $1.95/min
  • Prescheduled Spoken: $1.35/min
  • Prescheduled US-based Spoken: $1.75/min
  • Prescheduled Indigenous Language (Mexico and Guatemala) to Spanish: $1.35/min
  • Prescheduled Indigenous Language Relay (Mexico and Guatemala): $2.60 /min

Business Days are defined as Mon – Fri (Federal Holidays and weekends not included)

Please note: There is a 1-hour minimum for prescheduled requests. If your session ends earlier than the requested time, you will be billed for the entire scheduled duration of the appointment (ie. You requested an interpreter for two hours, but your session ends 1 hour and 23 minutes into the appointment. You will be billed for the requested two hours). Additional time beyond the scheduled duration will be billed per minute.

For RSI sessions, our Language Access Department will reach out with a quote.

At Boostlingo, we strive to provide the highest quality interpretation services to you and the rest of our partners via innovative technology. To be consistent with this mission, we have an Appointment Cancellation Policy that allows us to schedule appointments for all clients:

We require that you give our interpreters and partners at least twenty-four (24) hour written notice (Federal Holidays and weekends not included) if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. This allows for other clients to be scheduled into that appointment time slot. If you miss an appointment without sufficient notice, this is considered a missed appointment. Missed appointments will be charged the entire fee for the interpreter. As an example, if you indicate you require an interpreter for 1-3 hours, we will book an interpreter based on the maximum hours you indicated on the form (3 hours) to avoid interruptions or an interpreter having to leave your session early. If that session is cancelled, you will be responsible for the 3-hour session that you indicated on the request form.

If a client is more than 15 minutes late without prior notice for a scheduled appointment, we will consider this a missed appointment and the same cancellation fee will be charged.

Calls that go longer than the scheduled duration can be re-routed at the discretion of the interpreter to another available interpreter.